Adulteration threat and homemade sweets on Diwali

LUCKNOW: This Diwali, many housewives in the city are preparing sweets at home for the festival due to fear of adulteration in sweets available in markets.

“Around this time of the year, the worst quality of khoya is available in the market. In the past few months, the price of milk and other raw materials has increased which implies that adulterated sweets are flooding the market,” said Nirmala Mishra, a housewife. She added, “After a gap of at least 10 years, I am making for the festival sweets at home. These are at least pure and of better quality besides being cheaper than the ones available in market.”


The adulteration in sweets can be assessed from the fact that a litre of milk costing Rs 44-50 produces nearly 150-180 gram of khoya. It means that a kilogram of khoya would cost over Rs 280 but in the city markets, Khoya is available for Rs 240-260. As market price is less than the cost of production, it implies additives have been put into the khoya.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) receives about 8-10 complaints every month regarding food adulteration from residents of Lucknow. They are able to collect more than 30 samples every month; however around festivals the drive becomes more intensive and vigilant as the adulteration cases are on rise during this season. In October, FSSAI has sent about 25 samples to the laboratory till date for examination.

Homemaker Sarita Jaiswal, who is busy in preparing different varieties of sweets, said, “I had to recall the recipes of sweets my mother used to make during Diwali. Even the ghee used in my sweets is homemade.” Another housewife, Sunita Goel said, “The sweets prepared at home have no match with the ones flooded in market. I have used good quantity of dry fruits, etc, but have gone easy on sugar.”


SOURCE: Times Of India