Anita Anand becomes first Hindu cabinet minister in Canada

MP Anita Anand, becomes first Hindu woman lawmaker to be made a minister in Canada.She is now the minister of public services and procurement. 
She is a part of the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s 37-member new cabinet which includes four Indian-Canadians (three Sikh and one Hindu)
Anita Anand was born to Indian origin parents in Nova Scotia.Both of her parents are from India. Her father is from Tamil Nadu and her late mother is from Punjab.

She is also a senior fellow at Massey College and former academic director of the Centre for the Legal Profession.She has served as a law professor at the University of Toronto and specialises in corporate governance and shareholder rights. She also carried out extensive research for the Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the terrorist bombing of Air India Flight 182 — where 329 people, including 280 Canadians died on June 23, 1985 after a bomb planted on the plane exploded

Source: Times of India