PENANG HINDU ASSOCIATION (PHA) advance announcement needed on the goodies offered through YB’s service centre

We, the PENANG HINDU ASSOCIATION (PHA) urge and greatly appreciate the goodies offered to the under privileged families by the Elected Representatives. 

However the information is not announced in advance or published for these to reach the real needy and deserving ones.

The Government is offering many privileges and goodies to the poor families. 

These offers of ‘free school uniforms, i.e were not properly published nor prior announcements made. 

As a result many of the public are not aware of this offer in advance and when approached at their centres, were informed that the application is closed and the needy are therefore denied of these handouts.

PHA, therefore urges these elected Representatives or YB’s to announce or publicise in their centres or by media, banners, or in any other publications on their availability. 

The deadline for free School Uniforms be announced with an “open from and until a closing date” and with the eligibility or qualified students or families. 

Such transparency will avoid complains from public that only those chosen or previleged ones or their relatives within their families only receive these free school uniforms.

We also urge that the Elected Representatives Centres, whether be it State or Parliamentary, be manned by Malays, Chinese or Indians for better transperancy  and to ensure that the announcement or publicity is delivered to all in a fair manner offered to the citizens.

This is to avoid, that certain selected race only received the benefit as the other races did not understand or unaware, what was available or offered by the Government.

Above all, PHA would propose, that a Complain Centre be set up in various districts or areas, for the public to freely approach or be able to make complaints or seek solutions on their dissatisfactions on the above matters.

It is our fervent hope that the above requests or proposals would be seriously looked into and implemented.


Source: World Hindu News