Anti-Hindu order of ‘National Green Tribunal (NGT)’ puja material

Nashik (Maharashtra) : ‘Purohit Sangh’ of Tryambakeshwar should bear the cost of disposal of all waste related to ‘puja’ material. If it does not bear the cost, Municipal Corporation should impose ban on performing ‘puja’ at Tryambakeshwar. The above warning has been given by NGT, Pune. (Lack of unity amongst Hindus is the reason for passing such orders. There is no alternative to unite and establish Hindu Rashtra for bringing about change in this situation ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) 

1. A petition has been filed with NGT by Godavari Gatarikaran Virodhi Manch (Opposition to Sewage Treatment) and trustees of Tryambakeshwar Devasthan on the issue of concretization on Godavari River.

2. During hearing of this petition, point was raised about different types of ‘puja’ rituals performed at 
Tryambakeshawr like ‘Narayan Nagbali’ etc. leading to pollution of Godavari.

3.  Tryambakeshwar Municipality should earmark 2-3 ‘gunthas’ of land at the earliest with the help of District Collector for disposal of ‘puja’ material. Tryambak Municipality had earlier requested to allow giving such material for fertilizer project of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) but the proposal was dismissed in general body meeting of NMC. NGT has, however, passed order that NMC should take ‘puja’ material for 6 months till the small fertilizer project is completed at Tryambakeshwar.

4. NGT has issued order that ‘Purohit Sangh’ of Tryambak should bear the cost of transportation of ‘puja’ material from Nashik and its disposal. In case the ‘Sangh’ does not bear these expenses, it should be met by taking possession of their property; else, NMC should impose ban on performing ‘puja rituals at Tryambakeshwar. (On the day of ‘Bakri Eid’, goats and cattle are slaughtered at open public places; the blood coming out due to such slaughtering is released through gutters leading to spread of various diseases; but NGT never raises its voice over the same. Such machinery is, therefore, anti-Hindu as it is trying to impose restrictions on religious rituals of only Hindus through some medium. Today’s rulers are not loyal to their Dharma; therefore, there is always attack on Hindus’ religious matters. Will Hindus take action, in lawful manner, to fight back such attacks with unity? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat