Wrong practice of throttling pro-Hindu organizations

hinduismMinisters like Shri. Sudin Dhavalikar, Shri. Deepak Dhavalikar from Goa State Cabinet, have shown love and respect towards Hindu Dharma and culture disregarding politics of votes and therefore, they have created a place of respect and faith for themselves amongst all devout Hindus. Now, the Chief Minister of Goa is opposing an organization like Sriram Sena to carry out its activities of protection of Hindu culture in Goa. Why a pro-Hindu organization is throttled in such manner ? The Government can impose certain restrictions on such organization if at all it wishes and if the organization goes beyond that limit, then the Government can take action. All Hindus should ask the Government that why was it not doing so ? 

Due to pubs, crimes, liquor and rapes, Goa has already earned bad name. All pro-Hindu activists feel that ministers like Shri. Sudin and Shri. Deepak Dhavalikar should say something against the decision taken by the State Chief Minister of not allowing organizations protecting Hindu culture, to work in Goa. There is no alternative to establish Hindu Rashtra for creating peaceful atmosphere and prosperity in the world. How can Hindu Rashtra be established with background of pubs and rapes ? Why then eradication of such wrong traditions should not be started from Goa ? Such decision of Chief Minister will start wrong practice of throttling pro-Hindu organizations in Goa. It should be realized that the decision is not only about throttling of a pro-Hindu organization but is also insulting for all pro-Hindu organizations. 

These pro-Hindu organizations and devout Hindus, not only based in Goa; but from all over India, should make the Chief Minister aware towards the issue. This matter has to become a burning issue and can be taken up even through ‘Rashtreeya Hindu Andolan’.   

-(Pujya) Shri. Sandip Alashi

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat