Anti-Hindu TV serial broadcasting by Pakistani TV channel


I am a huge Fawad Khan fan. Fawad is a Pakistani heartthrob king Khan. Amazing actor. He rocks and can give a run for their money to Bollywood Khans like SRK in look department and Sallu in acting department. Due to my loyalty to him I was downloading every single drama series of him. Dastaan is one such drama.

In this drama series they showed Hindus and Sikhs are the evil force. Every time a Hindu or Sikh character comes on screen they start evil background music to make the characters more evil. The drama is based on romance during 1947 partition. No, its not Hindu-Muslim romance. The female character’s name is Bano who is in love with her sister-in laws’ nephew! Bano’s brother is congress supporter and Bano’s lover Hassan (Fawad Khan) is Muslim league supporter. Bano’s brother is shown as antagonist, not evil but a rude man. His mind was brainwashed by his evil Hindu friends. He is a secular man who wants to tie his sister Bano with Ram, his ‘Hindu’ friend who is an evil man. Note: Ram is Hindu God.

Bano says to his sister in law that she prays for Muslim league even though her entire family members are Congress supporters. She says she can give her ‘Jaan’ for Muslim League and for her ‘Jaan’ Hassan and dreams a pure land Pakistan where Muslims can live happily without Hindus.

“Main ek aise Pakistan ka khwab dekhti hoon jaha hume Hindu o ke sath nahi rehna padega. Unke rehmo karam par nehi jeena hoga. Amin.”

All villains of this drama series are Hindus and Sikhs. This drama promotes communal hatred. I am really surprised how can a TV station air such bullshit drama where they showed hatred towards a particular religious community. Pakistan also has Hindus and Sikhs in its land. This drama surely hurt many minority groups’ religious sentiment because of the evil characterization of their religious community people. (Hindus and Sikhs).

Pakistani media blames India for making anti-Pakistani films (esp. starring Sunny Deol, a Sikh actor) but in its media they are openly showing communal hatred towards a particular religious group. I am actually quite disappointed to see my favorite actor Fawad in such bullshit drama but again he recently said he prefers Akbari Asghari over Dastaan. So I still remain as Fawad Khan fan.

Source: Pakistan Defence