Attack on Hindus during Eid procession at Howrah !

Kolkata : A procession was taken out at Panchala in Howrah District in Bengal on the occasion of ‘Vishwa Nabi Day’ when fanatic Jihadis from this area attacked Hindus. 50 houses of Hindus were set on fire. Media, however, ignored this incident as usual.

Few Jihadis from this procession teased some Hindu young women; therefore, Hindu men got angry and such attack took place.
It may be mentioned that MLA, Gulshan Malik of Trunamool Congress, was present when such attack was carried out.
During this attack, Houses and shops of Hindus from Kolepara, Santrapara and Pachalapara were looted injuring several Hindus.
Panchala police station is only 3 kms away from the place of incident; even offices of District Superintendent of Police and special police force are close to the place of incident.
In the year 2007 also, similar attack had taken place.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti