Bajrang Dal alleges ’partisan’ role of police

Bajarang-Dal-LogoSILCHAR, January 2: The members of Bajrang Dal and Viswa Hindu Parishad, South Assam zone, expressed their disappointment over the arrest of two members of Bajrang Dal by the police for allegedly trying to create obstacles in the screening of the film ‘pk’ in Gold Digital Cinema Hall of the town.

 The organising secretary of VHP, South Assam zone, Purnachandra Mandal alleged that the police arrested two members of Bajrang Dal– Munna Das and Suman Das– on an arbitrary and whimsical manner. He refused the involvement of any Bajrang Dal member in the protest outside Gold Digital Cinema Hall. He said that the police arrested them as they were having a saffron mark on their foreheads.

Purnachandra Mandal lashed out at the film ‘pk’ and said that he it has “hurt the religious sentiments” of Hindus by making fun of Hindu gods and devotees. He added to say that they had no problem against any cinema, but as some of the contents of the flick are indecent and objectionable and the film had made fun of Hindu god and goddesses, they are protesting against it. He made it clear that they have nothing to do with who liked the film and who opposed it. According to him, the film had made fun of Hindu gods and goddesses and being the members of a Hindu organization they are protesting it.

Purnachandra Mandal said that why did the films only make fun of Hindu religion? He asked why not the film ‘pk’ made fun of Christianity and Islam. He said that if any one tries to hurt Hinduism, they would not sit in mum. . He at the same claimed that though they urged the owners of the different cinema halls of the valley not to screen the film, but none of their members made any kind of protest outside cinema hall.

The general secretary of Bajrang Dal Gautam Chakraborty alleged that TJ Laskar of Silchar Sadar Thana forcefully scrapped the saffron mark from the forehead of Munna Das. He decried the role of the police personnel in arresting their “innocent” members. He said that any kind of attack on Hindu culture, religion and tradition would be dealt with strong hand. And they will not sit in silence.

He said that if fighting to protect religion is “undemocratic”, then they have nothing to do.

Source: Sentinelassam