Bengal’s Diminishing Hindus

Intro: Since Partition of Bengal in 1905, the Hindus have been on the receiving end on communal lines. The atrocities and forceful migration of Hindus continue till date from the erstwhile East Bengal, East Pakistan and now Bangladesh. Unfortunately, on the western side of Bengal also, the situation is deteriorating. The ‘secular’ vote bank politics created by the Congress, nurtured by Communists and now encashed by Trinamool Congress, has accelerated the Islamic radicalism in Bengal. The Nadia riots have again highlighted the Hindu plight on the eastern border of India. Organiser presents a special report on the vanishing Hindus in Paschim Banga and Bangladesh

On May 4, 2015, the birthday of Gautam Buddha, founder of Buddhism and the propagator of ahimsa, was being celebrated by the devotees, when a ghastly incident took place at Kaliganj under Nadia district of West Bengal. It took away the lives of five members of a Hindu family. During the incident more than 50 houses of Hindus were gutted. More than hundred people were injured including 8 police personnel. Even after deploying large number of police force, the Administration could not control the situation. The unruly mob with ‘Allah ho Akbar’ slogans swayed over the mass. The role of local MLA Nasiruddin Ahmed is being questioned in this incident. One or two local newspapers have given small coverage the secular media is silent on the issue.

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On the occasion of Buddha Purnima, every year. The villagers take out processions with band party. Last year, as reported by some local people also, the culprits started objecting to sound of music and asked the processionists to stop it. They did not want to stop as this was an age old custom. Although, last year it was amicably settled and nothing much had happened, this time both sides were much adamant.
Again this year, when the villagers of Juranpur started their preparation for the said celebration, the miscreant group started threatening them. Hindus stood by their commitment and said we could not break the custom. Large number of villagers rallied behind them.
The police said people of two adjacent villages–Chotipur and Naodah—are also organising themselves to fight out the religious hooligans. Nevertheless, communal atmosphere in the area was communally charged up. 
Arnab Ghosh, Superintendent of Police, Nadia District had briefed the journalists about the incident and admitted that normalcy was yet to be established. But this could not bring back the faith of people in the government as they have already proved their role as partisan. Dead bodies of two women were recovered. They are believed to be succumbed to their injuries suffered on the very first day of the rioting. Already, 1300 traumatised people have deserted their home and hearth. Because they do not have any faith in the goodwill of the administration, as they are miserably partisan towards the majority community of the country.
In the border disctricts of Bengal. some two decades back, there was a coinage of two words—SILENT INVASION. Muslims took full advantage of the secularist attitude of the Indian government and exploited almost all governments formed by different parties. Each and every government was put under good humour and from seven to eight per cent now they have reached even fifty and more per cent in certain pockets of West Bengal. 
According to the latest plan, it seems the Muslims have chalked out a plan of covering the whole of North Bengal, to successfully cut the “chicken throat” from the rest of India. According to their plan the whole of Nadia district has become disturbed. In the recent times, with Kaliganj, Juranpur and Naodah, two more areas are included in these areas–Hanskhali and Mallikpur.

Deep rooted conspiracy

Nadia, the bordering district of West Bengal has been the soft target of Bangladeshi infiltrators. During the last one decade, demography of the district has drastically changed. Attacks on Hindus are increasing throughout the district.
Every year the villagers of Naoda under Kaliganj police station participate in the festival of “Buro Shib” (Old Lord Shiva) at Jamalpur in adjoining Bardwan district on the day of Buddha Purnima. Villagers organise colorful procession with traditional musical instruments and proceed towards Jamalpur. They have been performing it for at least last six decades. 
On May 4 the procession was attacked when it was passing near a Mosque in Chutipur. Chutipur is a newly developed locality occupied by the infiltrators. The communal elements attacked the Hindus procession with weapons and charged bombs. The procession was scattered. After the incident a group of elderly villagers reached Chutipur Masjid to discuss the incident. In response, a group of hooligans attacked Naoda at around 4 pm under the leadership of TMC MLA Nashiruddin Ahamed. They openly fired on the villagers, looted household goods and molested women. None of the prime accused including Nashiruddin Ahmed has been arrested. On the contrary, Hindus are regularly been threatened by the police. Police even refused to receive complaint from the victims. An FIR has been lodged through the court. The dead bodies were cremated forcefully next day at Nabadwip Ghat, about 75 Kilometer from Naoda in the absence of the family members or the relatives. 
In another incident, Hindus were attacked, villagers were hit with chopper, household goods were looted at Ulashi village under Hnaskhali police station. Alam Mandal, a Bangladeshi infiltrator, and locally known cow and fake note smuggler led the attack. He was backed by Trinmool Congress local leaders. The inert behaviour of police is noteworthy. Arnab Ghosh, earlier accused in Sharada Chit Fund scam, is the Superintendent of Police in Nadia. In all the cases, the police are allegedly helping the criminals under the instructions of their political and communal masters.            —Jisnu Basu

The other day, Justice Bhagwati Prasad Banerjee, retired Judge of Kolkata High Court, has passed a comment saying, “We are sitting on the top a Volcano”. This explains the way situation in the state has been declining and how (with the help of Mamata Banerjee) communal scenario in the state has abruptly changed. West Bengal has also started experiencing blasts of IED (Improvised Explosives Device), bomb blasts, serial bomb blasts etc throughout Bengal. In this connection two very recent incidents should be mentioned. One, a Pingla in Midnapore district and the other bomb blast on Krishnanagar Local (Do not forget Krishnanagar is also situated in the District of Nadia). One can easily draw a conclusion about the motive of these blasts.

Attacks on Hindus in West Bengal 

May 10, 2015: Seven-year old Hindu girl sexually assaulted by Muslim school van driver in Usthi
May 4, 2015: Five Hindu SCs killed by Muslim mob, over a hundred injured, women molested in Nadia
April 3, 2015: Blasts at Belur Mutt
May 28, 2014: Eleven year old Hindu girl assaulted at Ramona Village
May 27, 2014: Twenty six persons including a police official received bullet injuries when Muslims opposed celebration of PM Narendra Modi’s swearing-in-ceremony
May 25, 2014: A Hindu youth and four policemen were severely beaten up at Shajahan Sheikh
May 20, 2014: Assault on a newly wed Hindu woman by Muslims
May 16, 2014: A Hindu housewife kidnapped and assaulted for five days by Muslims
May 10, 2014: Muslims attacked a funeral procession at Hajarpur Village with bomb and firing in Arjunpur Village
April 9, 2014: Muslims attacked the Basanti Pooja festival in Dhalaghat Village and broke the Basanti deity by kicking it
March 30, 2014: Over 200 Muslims attacked Hindus’ village Sihipur when a Muslim was caught red handed stealing a cow
March 29, 2014: A popular Hindu leader Kartick Methia was brutally murdered at Sarar Hat Village
Feb. 1, 2014: Hindu Samhati workers were attacked at Sarberia Village
Jan. 1, 2014: Muslim procession on Prophet’s birthday forcibly entered Hindu villages, attacked Hindu houses and damaged as wella s ransacked four temples. Hindu women were also molested
Dec. 12, 2013: Sarathi Maity was molested by Muslims with sharp weapons at Ukiler Bazar Village
Oct. 17, 2013: Durgapooja procession was attacked in Kashthagara by armed Muslims after being provoked from the mosque
Oct. 16, 2013: Six Muslim families slaughtered cows in the presence of the BDO and Police at Dholkali
Feb. 21, 2013: More than 200 Hindu houses burnt in Canning, Joynagar, Kultali and Basanti Police Stations displacing 2,000 people
May 14, 2012: To retaliate against the murder of a SUCI Muslim leader in Tara Nagar, about 100 Hindu houses of two villages looted.

About the Pingla blast Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, before getting any intelligence report or any enquiry report, declared on her own that this was a ‘cracker factory’ and not a ‘bomb factory’. State Chief Minister holds the post of Home Minister as well. If she can issue such a statement then how can one reconcile the fact that after the blast some of the 12 dead bodies were hanging on the top branches of nearby trees.

Need to redefine the term minority’ —Rajesh Gogna, 
General Secretary, Human Rights Defense International

I am of the firm opinion that attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh or in bordering districts of West Bengal are part of the jihad which is continuing all over the world. The same mindset was responsible for Partition of India. 
As far as the minority rights or their freedom of religion is concerned, it is a denied dream for Hindu minorities. The change of guard made no difference in the mindset of Muslims there. The same mindset has now crossed the border in West Bengal. When the Muslims are targeted, questions are raised in the Parliament. But Hindus are attacked nobody speaks, not even in media.
One important fact is that Hindus may by in majority at state or national level, but at micro level (in some districts, tehsils or villages) they are in minority. Therefore, they are required to be provided with better protection. Last year, a Dalit girl was inhumanly tortured by Muslim goons. The matter went to State Human Rights Commission. Despite clear instructions from the Human Rights Commission no action was taken against the culprits by local police authorities. Finally, they filed a writ petition in High Court. Even after the directions of the High Court no action was taken.
Not only this, recently some postures were pasted on the walls instructing the Hindus to deposit their girls in Kanji house, where cattle are deposited. Similar was the situation in 1948 in Bangladesh. No media organisation is taking it up. The Hindus are suffering in silence. Therefore, need of the hour is to determine ‘minority’ at micro level. Equal facilities should be provided to all minorities and at every level.

Further to note that Mamata has distributed Rs. 2 lakh to each of deceased family and Rs 50,000 to each of the injured persons. Alas! She could not find time to visit riot affected areas of Nadia. One should not forget that the persons died in Pingla and earlier in Khagragarh were all Muslims. 
An interesting fact which has been noticed not only by the intelligence agencies but also by sensible people of the state is that as the number of madrasas is increasing in rural areas of the district the more the fanaticism is raising its head. Till some time back there were just 5 madrasas in 17 Panchayats of the district. But now this number has grown to 15. As the number is increasing the fundamentalism among Muslims too is increasing. With it the number of attacks on Hindus is also increasing.                                         -Asim Kumar Mitra