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Dear Brother/Sister Sadar Namaskar


“Bharat-Vanshis and Bharat-Vanshies” are living all over the world. They have eternal attachment with Punya Bhumi Bharat. They feel proud with the vaidic culture, historical heritage and they always desire to be in touch with their motherland. Bharat Vikas Parishad can be a strong bridge to promote such sentiments.”


First of all I, on behalf of all office Bearers & Members of Bharat Vikas Parishad convey our heartiest greetings & good wishes to you & all members of your family for the best of luck, happiness, progress & prosperity in New International Year 2015.


We are pleased to inform that Bharat Vikas Parishad (established in 1963) is a socio-cultural organization dedicated to the development and growth of Bharat in all fields of human Endeavour – cultural, social, academic, moral, national and spiritual by promoting a sense of patriotism, national unity and integrity. The main aim of the Parishad is to organize the elite and intellectual citizens and to motivate them to serve our disabled, illiterate and ignorant brethren not as an act of charity but in the true spirit of our cultural tradition of service as duty.


Bharat Vikas Parishad has more than 1,250 branches all over India with a membership of 1,06,000. We have taken up number of Sewa and Sanskar oriented Projects / Programmes (brochures attached), for details you may visit our website; www.bvpindia.com

The Parishad has a number of distinguished and eminent personalities as patrons including Swami Satyamitra Nand Giri ji Maharaj, Shri Jagmohan, Justice M. Rama Jois, Justice S. Parvartha Rao, Justice D.R. Dhanuka and Justice V.S. Kokje. The membership of the Parishad mostly comprises of the elite of the society – like doctors, engineers, professors, advocates, industrialists, businessmen and agriculturists etc.

In the Sanskar Projects- we are organizing many Sanskar oriented programmes, National Group Song Competition (NGSC), National Sanskrit Group Song Competition (NSGSC), Bharat Ko Jano (BKJ) & Sanskar Camps are very popular among students & their parents and more than 9 Lacs of students are participating every year for inculcating the values of Sanskar among youths of India.


In the Sewa Projects, we are organizing: Viklang Sahayata & Purnarvas Yojana,Vanvasi Sahayata Yojana, Gram Basti Vikas Yojana, Environment, Health, Samuhik Saral Vivah & Relief Work. We have also under taken a project “Samagra Gram Vikas Yojana” which provides training and motivation to villagers for doing the workwhich can contribute in the villages for eradicating poverty and malnutrition and promoting preventive healthcare, proper sanitation and provision for safe drinking water. So far we have adopted 40 villages all over India. Out of these, 12 villages have been fully developed, 24 are under

development and planning for 4 Villages are under process.  We have also planned to provide special education and job oriented vocational skills especially among children, women and the differently enabled and livelihood enhancement projects. It is worth mentioning that in our Sewa project we are getting continuous and active support from Dr. Shiv Jindal ( Jindal Foundation) Ottawa, Canada) and CA Shri Sunil Anand ( New York, USA)


Parishad welcomes NRIs and Bharat Vanshis to be part of selfless and dedicated band of social spirited persons engaged in the regeneration of India. Several NRIs and Bharat Vanshis, who have established a mark in socio-economic field of their adopted land through years of sincere, honest and hard work have been lately coming forward to take part in the regeneration of India enthusiastically through Parishad because of this organisation’s dedication and absolutely transparent financial practices. Parishad is thus eager to expand its work among the Indians settled abroad in a big way, so that Bhartiya Achar, Bhartiya Vichar and Bhartiya Sanskar (Indian ethos, views and traditions) remain alive in their hearts and their love for the native land, whose shores they or their ancestors left a long time back, does not die down or even becomes covered with ashes of the thoughts and culture of the land of their adoption.


Kindly feel free make any enquiry at any time are to give your suggestion relation to activities of BVP.


With warm regards.

Dr. K.L. GUPTA National Secretary General


Source: WHN Media Network