Bio-Profile of Atul Thakur

Atul Thakur


Atul Thakur an Indian-American computer professional,  active in Global Hindu activism and brings with him years of pragmatic spiritual experience with him.  Currently he is serving as the President of the VHPA- Lehigh Valley, PA.  He believes that Hindus can unite and make spiritual progress by first strengthening themselves with understanding of Hindu religion and then to stand up for our religion. He is a Masters Graduate from the University of Toronto.

Atul has been always fascinated with the various paths to spirituality defined in Hinduism.  Since childhood he was exposed to the power of mantra chanting and later got into Yajnas and  Sai Baba bhajan singing.  He became a Yoga teacher and has been doing it part time that for over 20 years.   With the teaching of Yoga came the clarity of the Hindu scriptures and symbols.   He has reintroduced the chanting of the pure RAM mantra as a way to overcome all the issues of life. He connected the mantra RAM to the beej sounds of chakras. The power of the mantra was validated when he real people got a positive benefit in their lives while chanting this mantra.  He has authored  2 articles that came to him via intuition.  Articles being “The meaning and method of chanting of Mantra RAM” and  “The true meaning of the story of  the Birth of Ganesha”. He is a strong proponent of the practice of the  Hindu Religion.  He has introduced the definition of Hindu Religion as a Religion that teaches multiple ways to connect with the higher power within us all.