Bio-Profile of Bhanu Vashishtha

Bhanu Vashishtha is a Management Graduate with Engineering background. 
He has worked with Heavy Engineering companies for 16 years and is a Consultant ,for Product Indiginsation in Heavy Engineering and Aerospace. 
He is passionate about spreading Sanskrit and Sanskriti to new generation , because he believes that Sanatan is epitome of Rational , Science and Sustainability , and Sanatan Scriptures are guidebook to a better world and Sanatan sculptures are a VISIBLE TESTIMONY to that.  Anybody in the world can have a Sanatani character and outlook because it’s rooted in harmony with all beings and universe .

He is also active for rallying support for causes of persecuted Communities across the world like Yezidis, Armenians,  Pak and bangla Hindus/ Sikhs , Kashmiri Hindus , Jews and Tibetans which are the most receptive communities, and perhaps, that’s why the most tormented . The developed world must be voice of the ethnically  persecuted .Any amount of material  progress does not reflect a civil way to life, if we fail at looking after their welfare.
Environment  ,Deplasticizing the Planet , Supporting Rural Economy and Rural Youth Empowerment is also a cause very close to his heart , because  all this reflects sensitivity to planet we live on .
Please reach to him , for any of the Causes , on :