Boards displayed in Hindu temple creating fear about anti-superstitions Act amongst devotees 

Tulajapur – The Government has openly declared that the anti-superstitions Act presently passed by Maharashtra Government is not applicable to any Deity- Dharma; even then, the District Collector of Dharashiv (Usmanabad) has displayed many boards in the temple of Sri Tulajabhavani Devi, ‘Kulswamini’ of Maharashtra, worshipped all over the State; giving instructions regarding anti-superstitions Act. It has been written on these boards that ‘It is prohibited to break provisions of anti-superstitions Act’. It has created fear amongst the devotees and they do not know whether performing ‘puja’ or religious ceremonies in the temple is allowed or not. There is big rage over the boards displayed by the Government and people feel whether such Act is going to impose restrictions on religious rights of Hindus. Presently, Sri Tulajabhavani Temple is under the management of the Government and District Collector of Dharashiv is the Chief of Trustees of this temple. Shiv Sena leader and MLA, Shri. Subhash Desai has warned that the confusion was created by temple trustees and such things would not be tolerated. Local Shiv Sainks would be given instructions for removal of these boards in their style.’

An examination has begun about awareness of Hindus. When we raised voice against this Act in State Assembly, we were called filthy; but Hindus did not raise their voice against this Act. Indifferent Hindus will have to face the consequences.

In a press release published by Hindu Janajagruiti Samiti (HJS), it has been stated by Shri. Ramesh Shinde, its national spokesperson that Congress Government putting up such boards only in Hindus’ temples about anti-superstitions Act, should show guts to display such boards in durgahs and churches. Millions of Hindus come for ‘darshan’ of Goddess with lot of faith. Hindus will not tolerate this conspiracy of attacking Hindu Dharma and insult of Hindus. The Government has misused its power by displaying such boards in temples managed by them. These boards should be immediately removed and action should be taken against those who put up the boards. Overall, these are the adverse effects of Government taking over management of temples; so why the management of this temple should be not withdrawn from the Government and handed over to devotees ?

Shri. Kishore Gangane, the President of ‘Palikar Pujari Mandal’, Srikshetra Tulajapur and Shri. Sudhir bhau Kadam of ‘Bhope Pujari Mandal’ said that such boards had created feeling of insecurity amongst the priests of the temple. No dreadful things like human sacrifice etc. are taking place in the temple. “Thousands of devotees coming here perform various religious and traditional rituals like ‘Oti of Devi, ‘abhishek’, first hair-cut of child, gondhal’ etc. but by putting up such boards, is the Government trying to impose restrictions on us ? We have written to the District Collector asking for removal of the boards; still the boards have not yet been removed.”

Displaying boards about anti-superstitions Act in Sri Tulajabhavani Temple is conspiracy of Government to attack Hindu Dharma. It is a method to eliminate Hindu Dharma. We will always oppose this.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat