Center for Hindu Empowerment strongly condemns violent attacks in Pakistan, calls on PM Imran Khan to ensure the safety of Hindus

As the violent attacks on Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs continue by Jihadists, Center for Hindu Empowerment strongly condemns the attacks on temples, Gurudwaras, abduction of Hindu & Sikh women, attack on minority religious institutions, murder of Hindu traders in the country, and expresses its condolences to the victims’ families, loved ones and those affected.

The tragic violence visited upon Pakistan Hindu community today in Sindh’s Ghokti district where Hindu temple and place of education has been vandalized and place of education is deeply troubling,’ says Rahul Chandra Sharma, Director , Center for Hindu Empowerment. ‘Although religious minorities in the country have frequently suffered violence and discrimination, the nature of these targeted attacks is unprecedented’ he added.

It’s reported that a Hindu teacher has been accused of blasphemy in Ghotki, it’s a well known fact on how easy it is for a Jihadists to accuse non – Muslims of committing blasphemy to settle personal disputes and suppress the religious  freedom of non – Muslims in Pakistan.

Pakistan has failed it’s minorities , whether they are Hindus, Sikhs or Christians. Center for Hindu Empowerment urges  Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imram Khan to protect Hindus and Sikhs lives and properties, they are sons and daughters of Pakistan look forward to you as their elected leader.  Hurting Hindus is a crime against humanity. Systematically Hindu genocide is being implemented in Pakistan by radical elements within Pakistan, which has made brought international spotlight on Mr. Imram Khan’s government failed policy to protect Hindu human rights.

Source: Center for Hindu Empowerment