Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Janma thithi celebrated amidst an atmosphere of Kshtratej


Chennai : Shivsena arranged  for a public program celebrating the Janma thithi of Shivaji Maharaj on 8.3.2015, Sunday at Pallavaram.

Many Hindu organizations participated in the program. Many dignitaries on the dais from various organizations spoke during the occasion.

Sou. Uma Ravichandran from HJS addressing to the audience


Sou. Uma Ravichandran spoke on behalf of HJS. Some important aspects of Shivaji Maharaj life which led to his victory was told. The important quotes of Samartha Ramdas Swamiji and P.P.Dr. Athavale about  Shivaji Maharaj was also shared.

Shri. Rajendran, ex-MLA from Kanyakumari addressing to the audience


Shri. Rajendran, ex-MLA from Kanyakumari reiterated the necessity of having a Spiritual Guru for guidance in order to emerge victorious like Shivaji Maharaj.

Shri. Radhakrishnan, the President of Shivsena, Tamilnadu addressing to the audience


Shri. Radhakrishnan, the President of Shivsena, Tamilnadu gave an arousing speech creating a feeling of Kshatratej in the atmosphere. The atmosphere was so charged that the audience forgot to clap and were totally mesmerized by the speech. He acknowledged that he was blessed with a Guru none other than H. H. Dr. Athavale, Source of Inspiration of HJS in a bhavpurna way. He also told that the Shivaji Maharaj Janmadivas is celebrated not as per date but as per tithi as given in the Sanatan Panchang. He recollected many interesting anecdotes from the magnificent life history of Shivaji Maharaj. The resolutions passed in the Shivsena committee meeting were narrated by Shri. Radhakrishnanji for the approval of the audience. Some of the resolutions were –

  1. A massive Shivsena meeting is planned on May 31 in which Shri. Uddav Thackarey and Shri. Aadithya Thackarey will be participating.
  2. On March 22nd a protest is planned against the collection of high rates in toll gates.
  3. A BJP member had written a denigrating article about Shri. Balasaheb Thackarey in Vijayabharatham. Shivsena is demanding an apology letter from BJP regarding that.
  4. In Tambaram, Chennai a place belonging to a 81 years old Hindu lady was illegally usurped by jihadi hooligans. Since the police has not lent a helping hand to give justice Shivsena will be directly dealing with the matter and will establish a party office in that place.
  5. Shivsena will support any Hindu organization involved in ‘Ghar Vapasi’ programs.
  6. Shivsena is demanding the implementation of laws banning conversion and cow-slaughter throughout Bharat.
  7. A demand is placed with the Central Government urging them to implement their election vow of building Shriram Mandir in Ayodhya.
  8. A demand is placed with the Government that the land belonging to poor farmers should not be usurped

Various other dignitaries spoke during the occasion. Shri. Kodambakkam Srikantan of All India Hindu Mahasabha, Shri. R. D. Prabhu of  Bharath Hindu Munnani,  Shri. Vasanthakumar of Hindu Sathiya Sena were some of the special invitees. Around 200 people participated in the program.\

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti