Communal hostility over fishery in Sandeshkhali, woman assaulted but saved by heroic efforts of husband

Achintya Bhowmik and his wife Sujata Bhowmik own a fishery conjointly in the village of Bermojur Hatkhola under the jurisdiction of Sandeshkhali police station in the district of South 24 Paraganas and the couple is known as amiable in the environs. However, both their amiability and economic strength became eyesore to a few local gangsters and with the end to seize the entire property from the couple, the same felons attacked the fishery at 2 am on November 5, 2013. It has been learnt, culprits including Hasanur Ghazi (son of Kousar Ghazi), Motalef Ghazi (son of Jubbar Ghazi), Rezaul Ghazai (son of Rezzaq Ghazi), Habibullla Sheikh (son of Kasem Sheikh), Salauddin Ghazi (son of Yakub Ghazi living in Bermojur Madrasapur) entered the tract silently first and asked Achintya to come out from the makeshift room used by the couple to guard the piscary.  Terming them as petty businessman, Sujata asked them to collect fish and go away. But Hasanur was not in a mood to be cowed and hence, he asked Achintya once more to come out. Sujata, at this time, stated that Achintya was not in the room and taking it as the best opportunity, the group barged into the room or the couple’s small shelter.
 The gang tried to strip and rape Sujata first. To save themselves, Achintya also counterstriked Hasanur and soon, both of them fell into the fishery. Sensing danger three culprits fled but it was Motalef who attacked the couple with a sharp knife and Sujata was injured viciously. In due course, Achintya overpowered Hasanur and fastened both of his hands with a saree of Sujata that Hasanur and his henchmen tried to strip her of. Later on, in the morning, Achintya brought Hasanur to the market where the gangster was thrashed by people en masse. Hasanur Ghazi has been admitted to a hospital in Kolkata and as per latest information, his condition seems to be critical. An FIR was filed against Achintya Bhowmik and a few others by local Muslims – First Information Report No. 495/13 dated 07/11/2013 under sections 341/325/307/34 Indian Penal Code. Achintya also lodged an First Information Report against the aforesaid members of the gang – First Information Report No. 494/13 dated 07/11/2013 under sections 474/325/307/34 Indian Penal Code. However, no criminal has been arrested yet.

Source: Hindu Samhati