‘Deeply hurt on seeing Hindu Gods pictures on alcohol brewages’ – Veera Iruku Letter To Asheville Brewing


Hi Mike,
Unfortunately I happened to stop by your Restaurant for dinner on Saturday May 24th on my way to a Hindu Temple called Mount Soma which is 50 miles away from Asheville.
I happened to see a beer menu name called “Shiva Ipa”. I was deeply hurt by seeing the Hindu God name Shiva which I pray with devotion and was going to see the Sacred Shiva Temple after the dinner.
Added to my injury when the waitress gave the dinner menu, there is Shiva in Nataraja form on the cover of the menu. I could not tolerate this and told the waitress about this and mentioned that it hurt my religious beliefs and it’s insult to my religion.
She told this to her supervisor Jeremy. When Jeremy came to me, I told why in the world you do not have any names except our Hindu God in the menu list. He mentioned that it was used in other places, so we used it and not to hurt any religion.
Then I mentioned if Shiva is a common name, then why did they put the picture on the menu card. That picture definitely represents our God’s attributes. I asked whether is it possible to remove the menu item Shiva Ipa and also Menu cover with Shiva.He bluntly told that it’s not possible.
I am requesting you the same to remove the menu item and the picture from the menu card.
Hindu religion is very tolerant and people are very soft going and want to settle issues in a very peaceful manner. We conclude our prayers with “Shanti Shanti Shanti” i.e Peace, Peace, Peace.
So I request from my heart to take out the picture from the menu card and menu item “Shiva Ipa”.
Hope these will be removed from your restaurant in my next visit.
​ Restaurant Address: http://ashevillebrewing.com/​​
Veera Iruku
Source: Veera Iruku <viruku@yahoo.com>​