VHP Mauritius, HSS & Hindu Alliance Led Vijay Rally to celebrate the Big Victory of Hon.Narendra Modi

IMG_20140525_224151VHP Mauritius, HSS and Hindu Alliance chose to celebrate the historical win of the BJP through banners that were put all over the island. Thus, we put flex-banners with a large picture of Shri Narendra Modi ji in all important towns and villages at strategic locations all over Mauritius. The banners were put in Goodlands (nort of the island, near Bank One), Terre Rouge (on flyover), Port Louis (near McDonalds and Northern Bus Bus Station), Reduit (on both sides on the flyover), Rose Hill (roundabout), Quatre Bornes (near Market and La Louise), Phoenix (near ISKCON roundabout), Vacoas (near Savoy), Rose Belle (near Winners) and Flacq (opp Fire Station).

I win to thank members of the VHP Mauritius, the HSS and the Hindu Alliance and many other persons for their support and contributions. I am posting some picts of the banners:


IMG_20140525_193803 IMG_20140525_201755 IMG_20140525_201927 IMG_20140525_222036 IMG_20140525_222150 IMG_20140525_224108 IMG_20140526_010756 IMG_20140526_015234