Delegates ‘open letter’ critisize mismanagement of World Hindu Federation’s Mauritius held “1st World Hindu Summit”

To all who are or have been part of or associated in any way with the World Hindu Federation (WHF).

We the undersigned attended the “1st World Hindu Summit” (“Conference”) held in Mauritius on 19th & 20 May 2018.

We respectfully state that the Conference was unfortunately very inefficiently and ineffectively organised.

Arising from the unfortunate proceedings and events that transpired at the Conference, we now humbly bring to your urgent and crucial attention that based on our understanding, it appears to us that:

1) the World Hindu Federation as a society or association of worldwide members, legally does not exist;

2) a clear membership list of members in good standing, do not exist

3) meaningful proper full & final accounts do not exist;

4) proper and structured executive management of the grouping (“WHF”) and its operations, does not exist.

In our respectful opinion, we had always envisaged the WHF to be an effective, responsive, and dynamic organisation that would promote our noble Hindu aspirations worldwide, but sadly we discovered that this was not so with the WHF.

The current state of affairs is totally unacceptable and unbefitting of any association, let alone one that all of us would join or lend our support to.

Accordingly, we respectfully suggest that from amongst our like-minded community, capable volunteers be found to informally conduct a proper audit, analysis and account of the current state of affairs of each of the following:

1) the current structure, legality, purposes, powers & limitations of the World Hindu Federation (WHF);

2) the current membership list of members in good standing, worldwide;

3) the proper full & final accounts of WHF, and a detailed cashflow statement;

4) the executive management of the WHF and its operations

5) the management and organisation of the “1st World Hindu Summit” (“Conference”), and what was and what caused it to be inefficiently and ineffectively organised

The findings should then be presented to everyone so that informed decisions can be made going forward on what needs to be done by all the believers, supporters, and well-wishers in our cause.

Thank you.

With Love and Aum to one and all.

1) S. Sital – Netherlands
2) Bharti Tailor – UK
3) U2 Kumar – Malaysia
4) Ravi Kumar – India

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)