Devotees throng temple of Hindu goddess Kamakhya in Assam

Representational pictureThe significance of the ‘Deodhani dance’ festival is to worship Hindu snake goddess Mansa and during the festival goats and pigeons are sacrificed as a ritual performed during the festival.

The devotees who participate in the festival go through a month-long preparatory phase, during the period, they are not allowed to meet their families and have to stay in the temple premises along with a photograph of the god they want to represent. The devotees also seek knowledge from their religious mentors during this period.

One of the organizer at the festival, Nandalal Sharma said, “In golden era, the mother goddess herself performed this Deodhani dance. But those days are gone now as the dark age has arrived. The mother goddess is submissive now and now through people the goddess dances. Each dancer is depicts different forms of goddess. If one is Kali, the dance will show aggression, if it is Mansa, snake dance will be performed.”

Interestingly as per Hindu mythology and peoples’ belief, one’s wishes come true if they wish for something special during the festival.