Encounters With People About Hinduism

:           Its been a decade since I began discussions in the matters of religion and do my part in preserving the most civilized culture known as Hinduism. During the initial years, I used to wonder why the so-called Hindus don’t support Hinduism and the organizations that are supporting the same. Only to realize later that these are the viruses inside Hinduism that must be destroyed before external enemies. Most of these people are academicians, engineers, doctors and teachers!

:           The hatred for Hindu organizations and Hindu culture was evident and usually took personal angle whenever I aggressively supported Hinduism and Hindu Organizations. They quote the negligible errors of RSS and popular demolition of Babri Masjid by VHP to counter every destructive invasion upon our country and culture. Do these people have no idea about the history of India or blind through vision and mind? Do they not know that 1000s of temples had been destroyed to which VHP destroyed Babri to send a message that even Hindus are capable of destroying masjids. The scientific community is even worse dealing in irrational criticisms and conclude that every problem in India is because of false traditional mind-set of Hindus.

:           Compared to such morons, the normal Indians are much more aware about the gravity of situation and respond positively. During my interactions in Ladakh with the migrants from Tibet and their next generations, they explain that it is very hard for them to migrate to Srinagar/Jammu side due to muslim domination and they are helpless so we live in groups to protect ourselves especially near military presence. The simple people living with yaks are more civilized and educated than the urban morons.

:           RSS shakas are efficiently functional in Kerala than other parts of India because the local people are aware that their only hope to retain Hinduism is through RSS. They directly ask “What other option do we have – Govt. is anti-Hindu, conversions are rampant and remittances from middle-east is high”. This is all I could make out from the broken English words they used to answer me. The English educated convent population is busy in shouting secularism.

:           In the western ghats of Karnataka, illegal transport and slaughter of cows is increasing, The locals rely on Bajrang dal to counter them. One such instance need to be mentioned here as I was witness to the happenings.

:           Incident-On 19th april 2014 near Sringeri around 3-30 am , Kabeer along with 2 others were illegally transporting 25 cows in their truck which was naxalite prone area. The Police asked them to stop for checking at Thanigudu check-post and Kabeer with others got down and began to run, the police constable Naveen Naik gave warning shots and they were still running so he fired shots that killed Kabeer but 2 others managed to escape.

:           Consequences-The muslim block gathered in Sringeri to protest against Naveen Naik who did his duty sincerely (was awarded President’s gallantary award in 2012 for his duty in Anti-Naxal force).Sringeri police filed an FIR against Naveen G Naik and other unidentified policemen under Section 302 (murder), 341 (wrongful restraint), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) and Section 295A (outraging religious feelings of any class). The FIR registered on April 23 based on a complaint filed by Umar Faruq, a resident of Panchayatgudde, Jokatte, who was also with Kabeer when the shooting incident took place.

:           Bajrang dal counter protested infront of Kabeer’s house against so many accusations against Naveen Naik and against the  by the discrimination of Police so another FIR was lodged against more than 25 persons of Bajrang dal, including Udaya, Shivanna, Bhanuprakasha and Hareesha Shetty of Sringeri for allegedly assaulting Kabeer’s family members near Government Hospital, Sringeri. An FIR was lodged based on a complaint by Kabeer’s relative Abdul Salam, a resident of Jokatte.

:           Magalore MLA Mohuidhin initiated Kabeer relief fund and by lauding Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for announcing a judicial and CID probe within six hours after the incident and compensation to be given to help Kabeer’s family also to get a site to construct house. He appealed to Union Ministers M Veerappa Moily and Oscar Fernandes to provide a job for Kabeer’s brother either in ONGC or MRPL. Asserting that he wanted the compensation amount to be enhanced to Rs 25 lakh.

:           ​Karnataka state govt.’s action— Immediately announced 10 laks compensation to Kabeer’s family​ and ordered an enquiry as demanded by Kabeer’s family. As Naveen got a clean chit from CID, they now want a CBI probe in this matter.

:           Media’s reaction—Times of India stating—Kabeer’s family demands justice, mistaken identity and popular regional newspapers dubbing the same.

:           ​Moral of the incident– This is all happening in the Hindu strong-hold of Sringeri where thousands of Hindus visit everyday ! what could be ​the conditions ​below the western ghats in Kerala ?. See how much govt. is surrendering to their demands.The locals have been demanding to prevent cow stealing, illegal transport and slaughter, but no action at all. But, one protest by the Muslim, the govt. bows down. Media busy in information dishonesty.

:           I couldn’t speak to any one of Bajrang Dal members but localities expressed their concerns. The English educated morons make a wierd face upon hearing the very name Bajrang Dal. Due to active campaigning by Bajrang Dal, BJP won almost all the seats in the western ghats of Karnataka.The real change will take place when the local population come together. There will be not any change through dogmatic gurus who are indulging in dry rituals and worthless discourses.

:           I wrote a book “Roots of Life” targeting mainly English/ western/ neo-Hindu crowd (more about book on- vismayi.blog.com). It is my attempt to rationally and scientifically explain the greatness of Hindu culture, beginning with life and ending with Hinduism.

:           I experienced what Rajivji used to say: the real position will be understood when we jump into open world and encounter with people face to face. It really consumes a lot of Time, Money and Energy while dealing with stubborn idiots. Well, it is for a great cause, so its worth it. I have been able to convince – garage mechanics, auto drivers, rural people easily than doctors, engineers, IT. Statistically, the more a person is academically educated, the more misinformed is he/she.

Source: Patriots’ Forum