Malice Is The Motive – Karan Thapar Interview With Javed Akhtar: K.A.K.RAO

What was the purpose of that silly interview  of Javed Akhtar, well known

person from Bollywood, by Karan Thapar on the 6th of May on Head Lines

Today… Why was it timed in the midst of elections.. There was no earth-

shaking matter to be discussed with a man like Javed; and during the 

whole interview, no serious issues pertaining to governance, economy etc. 

were discussed.The joint message- from Javed and Karan Thapar- “conveyed” 

in the interview was, ‘Muslims, don’t vote for Modi; he will persecute Muslims”. 

What a Goebbelian propaganda  !!! Throughout the interview, Javed’s only  

obsession was Modi and R.S.S. He bit the hand that gifted him this secular

nation ! If India becomes a 80% Muslim nation, would there be secularism here..

India is the only nation, with 80 %  Hindus, that is truly  secular. 

No 80% Christian, no 80%  Muslim  nation in the world is secular as India is!!!



The interview was all about Modi  and R.S.S. bashing. We are millions who

support R.S.S. But we are not comumunalists, as repeatedly alleged by

Javed.  He makes a sweeping and false statement, that all who are members

of the R.S.S are communalists. Thapar does not even try to  correct this wrong

impression, giving us the feeling that that whole interview was to try and  divert

Muslim votes against B.J.P,and  Modi. 


Members of R.S.S.  have Muslim friends, bosses, customers, even relatives. Poor, 

middle class, and rich, Muslims and Hindus, live in peace and harmony here in 

all parts of India.It is Javeds, Setalvads, Azmis, who are creating anger among 

Hindus against Muslims, which  may, ( or is it, will..) create, eventually, a disastrous

situation in the country. And there are vested Western interests, who work for such

a situation to arise in our country. (Ref.  Pakistan,Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria,even 

China -Uiygar muslims of Xianyang-).



Karan Thapar,  is one of those typical New Delhi  vareity of ‘journalists’, who revel in 

bashing Hindus-Hindu political organisations, Hindu social organisations, Hindu temple

authorities, Hindu religious leaders, Hindu cultural organisations, Hindu ‘moral’ groups, 

Hindus mutths, Hindu saints, Hindu sadhus, Hindu gurus and even Hindu Gods; (Rahul 

Kanwal of Head Lines Today once called Tirupathi  Venkateshwara as  a businessman)- 

and , in fact, everything that is Hindu.


 For these  detestable New Delhi scribes- (we don’t find much of such uncultured types

 down here in the South-), it is always Hindus, Hindus, Hindus ,who  do wrong , who speak

 wrong, who write wrong, who believe wrong, who pray wrong,   who are wrong all the way.  

 They have made Hindus feel guilty for being born as  Hindus in their own country!


 Appeasement of minorities at the cost of Hindu interests, is the main reason for the often

 heard diatribes  against minorities  by  some Hindu leaders like Togadia.  Mostly these are

 quite valid citicisms. E.G. in Karnataka the Congress govt. announced that Rs. 50,000 will be

 paid to only  Muslim girls at the time of their marriage!! What a senseless policy of 

 appeasement. Naturally there would be diatribes by Hindu  leaders both against Muslims

 and the Congress party.But the media men and women  are right there calling  such Hindu 

 leaders as fanatics; and Javeds and Azmis promplty join the chorus and the title ‘Hindu

 Fanatics’ sticks like fevicol. Western Christian interests  lose no time in joining the war

 and soon you have a situation wherein India is dubbed as a  nation of Hindu fanatics!

 All, thanks to these irresponsible journalists.


 The  interview referred to above, is just another of  those maliciously intended actions:

 unnecessary , worthless,  and  greatly harmful to the nation’s peace and harmony.

Source: K.A.K. RAO via WHN Publisher E-mail
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