Endeavor to turn Hindu Debuttar Property in Bengal into Islamic Cemetery scores high

It has been learnt from sources, a few days back the village of Bishnubati, within the jurisdiction of police station of Jamalpur under Jamalpur block, in the district of Bardhaman remained witness to grievous attempts to encroach Joy Maa Chandi Debuttar Property within it. Trouble started when a group of people (Muslim by religion), under the aegis of local Hindu political leaders, entered the village and attempted to entomb a dead body. The village is infested with underprivileged Hindus but despite hindrances, all including tribal Hindus tried to fend off the event. It has been found, tribal Hindu girls ran to local police personnel seeking their support. But the administration remained indifferent and Hindus were thrashed brutally to nip any such protest in the bud. Hence, the pious intention to turn the Debuttar Property to an Islamic graveyard completed with a great success. Tight vigil is maintained in village at the moment.
In accordance with Indian Law, any property absolutely dedicated to Hindu religious or charitable purpose is called Debuttar Property. De­buttar means literally belonging to a deity. Where the dedication is absolute and complete, the possession and management of the property belongs, in the case of a Deosthana or temple, to the manager of the temple, called Shebait but the property vests in the idol; and in case of math that is an abode for students of religion, to the head of the math called Mahant.
As a general rule, the property given to religious worship and charities connected with it is inalienable.