Fanatics’ brutality : Sriram Sena activist killed

Pramod_MuthalikHubali (Karnataka) – While addressing a press conference, Shri. Pramod Mutalik, the President of Sriram Sena has accused that the Government’s ineptitude was responsible for killing of its activist from Hallikeri in Navalgund taluka. Shri. Gangadhar Kulkarni, Shri. Basavraj, Shri. Appanna Hirgannavar etc. were present on the occasion. He said further, “Had police taken prompt action when activists of Sriram Sena had gone to police station to lodge complaint, the killing could have been avoided; therefore, if prompt action is not taken against the culprits, the Government would be responsible for its consequences.” Sou. Kamala Jedar, Regional President of ‘Durga Sena’ said during the two-day work-shop conducted for women that every woman should learn self-defence considering gravity of atrocities against women and should also take up ‘Dharma-shiskhan’ for inculcating good values. Two-day camp was organized on behalf of ‘Durga Sena’ at ‘North Canara Vaishya Samaj Kalyan Mandap’. Classes on self-defence, ‘Yogasanas’ and ‘sanskar’ will be conducted during the camp by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS).

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


Fanatics’ brutality : Sriram Sena activist killed in Dharwad (Karnataka)

Gulbarga (Karnataka) : Shri Ram Sena activist brutally killed by fanatics

 Fanatics’ brutality : Sriram Sena activist killed in Dharwad (Karnataka)

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Also, 2 Shriram Sena activists seriously injured !

Killing of Hindu leaders is most detrimental for Hindus and Hindu Rashtra is required for its prevention !

Second murder in 15 days !

Hindus insecure in pro-minority appeased regime in Karnataka !

Dharwad (Karnataka) – On 26th September, fanatics murdered an activist of Sriram Sena at Hallikeri, Dharwad. Two activists have been seriously injured in that attack and are in ICU of a hospital. Police have not been able to arrest the fanatics who attacked Sriran Sena’s activists. The following information was given by police in this context.

1. On 26th September, there was an argument between Shri. Shriniwas Vitthal Giraddi, an office bearer of Sriram Sena and one fanatic over a trivial issue. That fanatic beat up Shri. Giraddi at that time; so he lodged a complaint with Annigiri police station.

2. More than 40 fanatics carrying arms, attacked Shri. Giraddi and others as they were coming back to Hallikeri, after lodging complaint. (More than 40 fanatics coming together and attacking only because Hindus lodged complaint against a fanatic, exhibit their jihadi mentality. If Shri. Mutalik advises every Hindu to carry a sword for fighting against such fanatics, what is wrong with it ? Still, the present rulers impose ban on Sriram Sena although it fights in a lawful manner and let fanatics go scot -free ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) 5 activists of Sriram Sena got injured in this attack.

3. Out of them, Koreppa Koterappa Javaru (Age- 32 yrs), Shri Huchchappa Maruteppa Durgad and Shri. Shriniwas Giraddi have been seriously injured and admitted to KIMS Hospital. Koreppa Koterappa Javaru died in the attack while Shri. Durgad is being treated in ICU.

4. After arrests of Sriram Sena’s activists, the incident took a communal turn.

5. Deputy Superintendent of Police Kalappa Handibhag and Police Inspector B. M. Suri of Navalgund police station rushed to the place of incident for bringing situation under control and presently, they are camping in that village. PI Suri informed that 40 fanatics involved in attack have been absconding from the village.

Take action against police and give Rs. 10 lakh compensation to family members of Javaru ! – demands Pramod Mutalik

Shri. Pramod Mutalik, the Founder President of Sriram Sena has demanded that action should be taken against Dy. Police Inspector, Pravin Neelmannawar of Annigeri police station for failing to perform his duty and family members of Javaru should be given Rs. 10 lakhs as compensation.

Lengthening list of killed Hindutvawadis

1) Late Sukhanand Shetty, (Age 32 years), BJP leader, Mangaluru, Karnataka.
2) Late. Kumar Pandeya, (Age 38 years), Hindu Munnani, Telkashi, Tamil Nadu.
3) Late. Sunil Joshi, ((Age 45 years), RSS, Dewas.
4) Late Ravi, RSS’s worker, Thitur, Lerala.
5) Late Adv. P.P. Valsaraj Kurup (Age 26 years), BJP leader.
6) Late Vinod, RSS, Taluk secretary, Alapuza, Kerala.
7) Late. Ganesh Chowdhari, Shivsena Upshaharpramukh, Javhar, Thane.
8) Late Snadeep, (Age 24 years), Kasargod, Kerala.
9) Late Adv. Suhas, Kasargod, Kerala.
10) Late Suresh, (Age 29 years), RSS Kerala.
11) Late Mahesh, (Beheaded by Socialists.) 
12) Swami Laxmananand and his 4 assocites, Kandhamal, Orissa.
13) Rengith (Age 27 years), Mannathala Nagar Manadal, Head of Physical training
14) Vinod (Age 34 years), ex Mandal Secretary of RSS, Vengidangu
15) BJP’s worker, Visjesh, BAbu and one more worker and his mother, Kannur, (Kerala)
16) K.P. Suresh, (Age 40 years), Ex. District President, Thiruvallur (Tamil Nadu)
17) V. Ramesh (Age 52 years), Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu.
18) S. Vellayappan (Age 50 years), Hindu Munnani, Vellar
19) D. Jivraj, Hindu Munnani, (In forefront for Hindus), Ex. Secretary Shankarankoil
20) Mr. Manoj (Age 42 years), District Physical Training teacher, RSS, Kannur (Kerala)
21) Shri. Lakshman (Age 37 years), Shri Ram Sena activist, Ijeri (Tal. Devargi)

 Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Gulbarga (Karnataka) : Shri Ram Sena activist brutally killed by fanatics

September 11, 2014

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Modi Government has completed three months now, yet fanatics killing Hindutvawadis is continuing. When is the Modi Government going to awake ?

Hindus unsafe in the minority appeased regime in the state of Karnataka !

Gulbarga  (Karnataka) – Sriram Sene’s worker, Laxman (Age 37 years), living in Ijeri (Taluk Devargi) was killed in an attack with iron bars, axe and stones. This time the fanatics did not spare women too; they attacked and injured 10 women. Sriram Sene’s Honorary President of Karnataka State, H. Shri Siddhalingayya Swamiji gave this information.

According to the information furnished by H. Shri Siddhalingayya Swamiji,

As soon as receiving the news about Laxman’s murder H. Shri Siddhalingayya Swamiji and Sriram Sene’s Taluk President, Mr. Viresh Patil rushed to the spot. That time police did not allow them to go under section 144.
Hindus are being targeted in Ijeri, Mali and other villages in Devargi Taluk. Devargi’s administration and appeasement of fanatics by BJP’s local leaders, so also the support given by the District Palakmantri Khamrul Islam to fanatics are responsible for the increasing attacks on Hindus.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat