First Hindu University in Muslim-Majority Indonesia Named after Sugriva

BALI, INDONESIA, April 13, 2020 : The first Hindu university has been opened in Indonesia in the name of Sugriva, a character from the Ramcharit Manas. Indonesia has converted an institute in Bali into the first Hindu university in the country. Under the Presidential Regulation, Hinduism State Institute of Denpasar, Bali has been made the first Hindu State University in the country. Accordingly, this university has been named as I Gusti Bagas Sugriva State Hindu University.

Significantly, Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population. However, the Ramayana is well-settled in its culture. Ramlila here is famous all over the world. The objective of the fresh regulation is to support and promote Hindu higher education. This university will have an Administrator Hindu Higher Education Program as well as other Higher Education Programs supporting the Hindu Higher Education Program. All existing students and employees of Hindu State Institute have been transferred to UHN. Also, all the property of Hinduism State Institute has also been handed over to UHN.