Ganesh devotees in Pune prefer to immerse Lord Ganesh idol in flowing water

Lord-GaneshaPune (Maharashtra) – Ideal Ganesh festival movement was run in Pune and Chinchwad at Baba Bhide bridge, Omkareshwar bridge, S.M. Joshi bridge, Thergaon and Moraya Gosavi river banks. Samiti’s activists educated the Ganesh devotees who had come for the immersion of their Ganesh idols to immerse them in flowing water. As a result of this, many Ganesh devotees immersed the Ganesh idol in flowing water only.

1. Ganesh devotees were disappointed as there was not enough water supply from the dams into the rivers.

2. The road towards the riverstream was blocked by a bamboo. Hence, devotees were facing difficulties in immersing Ganesh idol in the flowing water.

3. Since there was dirty water in the artificial tanks created by Municipal Corporation, many devotees preferred to immerse Ganesh idols in flowing water.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat