Global Hindu Empowerment Office Condemns Terror Attack On Hindu Pilgrims In India

Press release:

 Global Hindu Empowerment Office Chief Rahul Chandra Condemns Terror Attack On Hindu Pilgrims In India. Mr. Rahul Chandra, Director of Global Hindu Empowerment Office in his strong words said

“Today, Islamic Jihadists have attacked peaceful convoy Hindus pilgrims in Indian state of Jammu Kashmir, fired bullets on buses and killed a dozen of pilgrims and injuring many, including women and children. We demand justice from India’s Central and provincial Govt. of J&K. Justice in terms of comprehensive and robust action to eliminate all terror sympathizers operating in J&K and India. Special status (Article 370) to J&K must be revoked via. Parliament and demographic change with Hindu majority must be established on lines of Israel”

It’s so painful to witness that in own motherland, near our Gods and Goddess, We, Hindus are slaughtered like cattle’s in a cage by Islamic Terrorists. All technological advancements in India like space programs, satellites etc. must first be used to eliminate Islamic, Maoist and Naxal terror in land and overseas. There should be zero terror in an ideal New India.

The Hindu empowerment office expresses its deepest condolences to the Hindu brothers and sisters killed & injured in this ghastly and inhumane terror attack.

Houston, Texas, USA