Hindu Mahasabha of America Condemns the Massacre of Amarnath Pilgrims

Hindu Mahasabha of America Condemns the Massacre of Amarnath Pilgrims,
Calls for Community Action In View of Government Failure To Protect Hindus

Wilmington, DE – (July 11th, 2017) – Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) strongly condemned the vicious attack against Hindu pilgrims by Islamic terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir yesterday. More than 7 devotees were killed, majority of whom were women, and scores were injured. The massacre was carried out on a day that is considered extremely auspicious for devotees of Bhagwan Shiva. The Islamic terrorists underscored their theological hatred for Hindus by the choice of their target and the day.

Shri Ashok Ghosh, Director of Research of HMSA, said: “As per their holy book, Quran and based on their traditional “Hadith’s” and the “Sira” and a 15 centuries long “tradition” of invasions, murder, loot and rape, Hindus are idolators (Kafirs) that need to be eliminated as per Quranic injunctions, where the Prophet himself had commanded his followers to invade India, as per Gazwa-i-Hind, which is sourced from the Hadiths”
Shri Anant Shrivastava, Director of Campaigns of HMSA, expressed his anguish and anger over the complete helplessness of the Indian state to do anything effective about the situation by stating: “The current round of terrorism started in 1989 with the expulsion of Hindus from the Kashmir valley. Till date they have not been resettled back into their homes. Post-1989, scores of terrorist acts have followed, including burning of Hindu pilgrims at Godhra, attack on parliament, attacks on places of worship, hijacking of arliners, near invasion of Mumbai, several bombings and riots, and yet the Indian Union is unable to devise an effective solution to address this problem. Under such scenario, given the lack of solution from the government, it is natural for the citizenry to take the matter in their own hands. Therefore, Hindus worldwide must exercise their legitimate right of self defense against terror attacks directed specifically at them, since the Government of India is unable to have any semblance of justice for the Hindu victims.”
Shri Rahul Chandra, Director of Public Relations of HMSA, in his strong words said “Today, Islamic Jihadists have attacked peaceful convoy Hindus pilgrims in Indian state of Jammu Kashmir, fired bullets on buses and killed a dozen of pilgrims and injuring many, including women and children. We demand justice from India’s Central and provincial Govt. of J&K. Justice in terms of comprehensive and robust action to eliminate all terror sympathizers operating in J&K and India. Special status (Article 370) to J&K must be revoked via. Parliament and demographic change with Hindu majority must be established on lines of Israel”
Dr. Rudranath Talukdar, President of HMSA, summed up the frustration of HMSA activists, and also of the common Hindu worldwide by saying: “The Hindu patience is being tested by such dastardly acts, and a Hindu response is but natural. The government of India has failed in its duty to protect its citizens. Instead of relying on the government for their protection, Hindus need to arm themselves to the extent permitted by the Law of the land, and further respond to such massacres by vigorously exercising their right of self defense.”
Source: World Hindu News (WHN)