Goa Police made all efforts to prove Hindus as terrorists, instead of conducting inquiry of fanatics

Goa-PoliceMargao (Goa) – Crime Branch arrested a Hindu named Kavesh Gosavi in connection with several incidents of temple-thefts and damaging of temples taken place during Congress regime between 2007 and 2010. He has been implicated in 8 such cases; but the finding of ‘brain-mapping’ and Narco test conducted by Crime Branch was not made public; so people had doubts and now, Gosavi has given such shocking explanation. He has said that he was severely tortured by the Crime Branch after arrest in temple damaging cases.

Police paid no attention to him although he repeatedly pleaded his innocence. He was forced by police to give statement that he did such thing on instructions given by BJP leaders, Manohar Parrikar and Shripad Naik. He was, however, not ready to give such statement; therefore, he was given shock treatment and tortured. Kavesh has already been acquitted by the Court from all charges. In 2010, Kavesh Gosavi was arrested by implicating him in 8 cases of temple-breaking. Out of which in 4 cases, chargesheet was filed against him. In 3 out of these 4 cases, police could not furnish proofs against Kavesh; therefore, he was released even before the court case came up for hearing.

Hearing started in a case of temple-breaking of Shri. Ajoba Ghumati temple at Kunkalli (Goa); but in this case also, police could not present strong evidence against him and he was released. In all the 4 cases, police did not submit report of narco tests conducted by them which was one of the main reasons for cases not standing up in court. Kavesh was taken first to Bengaluru and then to Kalina, Mumbai for brain-mapping after Mahadev Temple at Paroda was vandalized; but nothing came out of the tests. He was then taken to Gandhinagar, Gujarat for Narco analysis test. Kavesh said that he had submitted application, under RTI, for obtaining a CD of Narco tests conducted on him; but his request was dismissed giving the reason as his case was still going on.

Crime Branch has been trying to evade and suppress facts. (Hindus should realize the conspiracy of police to brand Hindus as idol-breakers and terrorists ! Sanatan seekers were also detained for 4 years under false charges. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) In all 8 cases, he was unnecessarily detained and tortured in custody, is the complaint lodged by Kavesh against the then Superintendent of police Mangaldas Desai, Police inspector Sandesh Chodankar, Uday Naik, Deepak Pednekar, constables Sanjay Parab and Albert with Police Grievances Cell; hearing of which is still pending.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat