Hidden Secrets of Hindus Extracting Source of Energies in Temples, Vedic Knowledge at its Best

Ornate lintel over mantapa entrance in Chennakeshava temple, BelurThe religious texts of the Vedic Period provide evidence for the use of large numbers. By the time of the last Veda, the Yajurvedasaṃhitā (1200-900 BCE), numbers as high as 10^12 were being included in the texts. For example, the mantra (sacred formula) at the end of the annahoma (“food-oblation rite”) performed during the aśvamedha, and uttered just before-, during-, and just after sunrise, invokes powers of ten from a hundred to a trillion. The Satapatha Brahmana (9th century BCE) contains rules for ritual geometric constructions that are similar to the Sulba Sutras.

Srimad Bhagwatam clearly informs that there are several planets and universes. Earth is trillions of years old – eternal – souls and parmatma are same and go back to eternity. Even showcasing sceince of inifinity and inter-dimensiona travel.
Hindus are/were highly civilized than western counterparts and their religious structures were not mere for praying purpose as with other non-Vedic religions. We will discuss how Hinduism preserved the great tradition of constructing temples at right places.

Ancient Hindus were great Sages on most of the resources available

Hindus relied on Vedic knowledge to make impossible feats possible, the reliance of Buddhism on Vedic theories of building temples in specific places where huge amount of positive energies are generated, which can be easily absorbed by devotees, extended to Jainism.

Ancient Hindus knew the benefits of positive energy – mentally and physically – which elevate devotees to the next level of consciousness, thereby made them slowly renounce (mayic) illusionary bonds of material world, also kept them very healthy.

A particular place is researched, where earth’s magnetic wave path passes through densely. Depending on the emergence of Shiv Lingams formed the basis of ancient Bhagwan Shiv temples. Wherever, Shiv Lingams naturally emerged, huge amount of magnetic field was experienced. Similarly, other ancient statues of Hindu gods held the key of huge energy source. Any displacement of these statues from the original place of worship during reign of invaders of India lead to catastrophes – flood, quakes, famine and epidemics.

konark temple

These temples balanced the equation of good vs evil with their presence of divinely positive energies. Any uncivilized act of demolishing these temples lead to unlocking of evil energies and bad karmic rays which always resulted in chain of events that escalated to heavy losses to human and animal lives. Whenever, the negative energies which were controlled by these positive energies of Hindu temple were set free.

We all humans, who are born out of farce materialistic pleasures are so embedded with such negative (mayic) traits that if we are deprived off with such great centres of positive energy – we might start behaving like animals. Our inner consciousness is very pious and pure, we need to shred off contaminated outer consciousness which is developed by our body, due to our leanings towards negative human or demonic traits. Its just like dusting off dirt from your clothes to make it clean again.

That was the main reason that the temples of ancient India were built on places which were full of positive energies. Never cities or towns were developed around these great temples. A good distance were maintained between temples and material towns. It was done purposely NOT TO disturb the balance of nature that God Krishna has gifted us.  So devotees needed to just visit the temple on daily basis to re-energize themselves. God himself follows the same principle that is laid for humans. There is no indifference meted out for any forms of energies as each is created to perform its duties.

Ancient Hindus never built any temple just to please Gods. They were constructed based on the Vedic principles of building temples.

The place for temple was selected on the availability of abundance of energy at that location. The invisible magnetic fields and their inter-connectedness with poles – North and South – were considered before moving ahead for construction.

The core (Garbhagriha) of the temple where the idols are placed, experience maximum source of earth’s natural magnetic fields. The copper plates were placed beneath these idols so that magnetic fields were resonated in the surroundings. Whenever a devotee circumbates clockwise, these magnetic fields emitted form the source heal the person – physically and mentally. Mantras recited during circumbations add positive vibrations to these fields; ringing of bells, diya further amplifies the positive energy fields making it more powerful so that devotees can fulfill the purpose of their birth.

circulation VEDIC practice

Ancient Brahmins took bath thrice a day and prayed these gods three times; doing so made their pineal glands and inner consciousness expand to such a high level that attaining siddhis became easy for them. Even today if these Hindu practices are performed regularly by even normal human being- he can become very healthy mentally and physically.

Yoga is also part of these practices – it is a medium to make our body conducive to the positive angles and thrusts of earth so that our physical body absorbs the energy while subtle body (Sukshma sharira) elevates to next higher level.

Entire human race were Hindus, followers of Vedas. The only difference was they were following different gods which lead to same supreme Godhead Lord Krishn. So multiple paths of worshiping idols were directed to same divine source. Though in some parts, they distorted the rituals to suit their selfish goals which ultimately resulted in final demise of those cultures – to no point of resurrection. And only Hindus from India remained there since time immortal. Even today showing the light of Vedic wisdom to the world.

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sukshma sharir principles

Ancient Hindus were very learned, they knew that this material world is just another step and medium in moving upwards towards goal of enlightenment. The only mission of building temple was to make human race inter-connect harmoniously with the universal cosmic arrangement POSITIVELY and elevate themselves from earth to heavenly planets or attain moksha.

Temples were never built to promote any specific religion or enforce single source of hearsay from a prophet.

It was purely done for the benefit of mankind – sticking true to the real message of Vedas – leading lives in harmony with nature and universe.

Trinity of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu (Krishna) were gods who taught us living lives harmoniously – None of them is complete without other given the infinite and eternal tasks that they had harmoniously assigned themselves for each other. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are one and the same. Lord Brahma emerges from Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva – discussing Shiv Puran and Vishnu Puran is non-contextual to this post. We will touch that eternal knowledge later.

Floating Statues of the World based on Vedic Magnetic Theories

It seems amazing but nevertheless true that in antiquity there were temples erected and constructed in such a way that by the use of magnetism the deity of those places was made to levitate in free air. It would seam that loadstone, a naturally magnetic mineral was carved and placed within these temples in an arrangement which allowed an Iron statue of the temples deity to float. The Konark temple in India, once a place of devotion of floating idol and other places across the globe (The floating statue of Chumphu nye in Bhutan even seen today).


“Magnete lapide architectus Timochares Alexandriae Arsinoes templum concamarare incohaverat, ut in eo simulacrum e ferro pendere in aëre videretur. intercessit ipsius mors et Ptolemaei regis, qui id sorori suae iusserat fieri.” Lib. XXXIV.148


The architect Timochares had begun to use lodestone for constructing the vaulting in the Temple of Arsinoe at Alexandria, so that the iron statue contained in it might have the appearance of being suspended in mid air; but the project was interrupted by his own death and that of King Ptolemy who had ordered the work to be done in honour of his sister.

Cedrenus says:

that an ancient image in the Serapium at Alexandria was ‘suspended by magnetic force’.

Cassiodorus stated:

that ‘in the temple of Diana hung an iron Cupid without being held by any band’

The above quotes of historical figures suggest that they were aware of Hindus, idol worshippers, who built temples that had floating statues.

Floating Statue of Konark Temple – Proof of Levitation in Ancient World

In India, a temple constructed in the pyramidal (Vimana) style of Maya asura once had a huge capstone made from loadstone whilst another was said to be located underground which allowed the temples deity to float in the air. Although damaged and missing its capstone the black pagoda (Sun temple at Konark) temple still stands today. Iron bands are incorporated with the courses of stone blocks which compose the temple wall as if to shape the magnetic lines of force created by the temples capstone.

The Uniqueness of the Sun Temple at Konark lies in the fact that it was built using the concept of magnets. The peak of the temple was said to be a giant 52 ton magnet. The statue of the Sun inside the temple was said to be floating free in air based on the unique arrangements of the main magnet and the reinforced magnets around the temple walls. Between every two stone pieces in the temple there lies an iron plate. The temple was constructed from oxidized and weathered ferruginous sandstone by King Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty. The image of Konark temple is at the top of this post.

The invaders were awestruck when they saw the floating deity – little did they knew the divine secrets of great Vedic knowledge ancient Hindus had.

Chumphu nye path

Floating Statues of Goddess Vajravarahi in Bhutan

Secrets of Vedas were passed from one Sage to another. Some of the buddhist monks who lost shastragya (battle of divine wisdom) got reconverted to Hinduism and later revealed these secrets to their fellow buddhist monks.

Varahi is worshipped by all the three major schools of Hinduism: Shaktism (goddess worship); Shaivism (followers of the god Shiva); and Vaishnavism (devotion to Vishnu). She is usually worshipped at night, and according to secretive Vamamarga Tantric practices. The Buddhist goddesses Vajravarahi and Marichi are believed to have their origins in the Hindu goddess Varahi.

goddess varahi in buddhism

Floating statue temple located in Chumphu nye in Paro, with almost 24 hours journey from main city Thimphu. The temple is situated at top of the hill – true to the Vedic practice.

Taking photos of the statue is not allowed in the temple. So no photos are found, however hard you search in chronicles, research papers or internet. The picture of Hindu goddess Varahi devi who is prayed in the form of Vajravarahi devi in Bhutan is shown above.

The idol worshipers are directed to the shrine by the monk, the shutters are opened, as per account shared by worshippers, then the monk showing Goddess Vajravarahi’s statue says ” the statue is floating” and proves it by sliding a paper currency under the foot of the statue. The devotees get mesmerized on seeing this wonderful statue.

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