Hindu Andolan condemns China; demands protection for pilgrims

Udupi, Jul 21: Under the aegis of Rashtreeya Hindu Andolan, which claims to be a united national level initiative working for a Hindu nation, organized a programme near the service bus stand here on Sunday July 20.
During the programme, speakers urged the central government to take stern steps against anti-­national elements towards protecting the national interests. Rama Shettigar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Shobha Kamath of Sanathan Samstha, trustee of Bannanje Lord Mahalingeshwar Temple, Bhujanga Shetty, ardent devotee of Asaram Bapu, Satish Padiyar and other pro ­Hindu organizations took part in the programme.
In his address, Rama Shettigar called upon people to boycott products of China in a bid to teach a lesson to the neighbouring country, which has been playing with the sentiments of Indians by repeatedly publishing maps which show Arunachal Pradesh and some areas of Kashmir as being a part of their nation.
“The central government should take immediate remedial measures relating to Chinese aggression and incursions. During a protest organized against the Israeli incursion at Srinagar, fundamentalists hoisted the flag of ISIS functioning in Iraq to show solidarity with that organization. Before these kinds of unacceptable instances grow wilder and pose a threat to the nation, there is a need to nip them in the bud through harsh steps,” he added.
“We have come to know that several Muslim youth from Maharashtra have joined ‘ISIS,’ which happens to be a terrorist organization in Iraq. We also need to take strong measures against those who motivate youth to get involved with terrorist activities, apart from destroying their networks,” he pleaded.
Shobha Kamath pointed out that character assassination attempts made by vested interests on Jayendra Swaraswati Swamiji of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Swami Nityananda and others have failed and the investigations have proved their innocence. She regretted the way in which accusations and rumours meant to tarnish the image of Sant Sri Asaram Bapuji are being floated, although no charges levelled against him have so far been proved.
Demanding to stop insulting Hindu saints with immediate effect, she demanded immediate action against political leaders, organizations and
media firms, which get involved with false, malicious propaganda. She accused them of trying to divide the Hindu society by sullying the reverred spiritual leaders of Hinduism by separating them from their followers.
Bhujanga Shetty raised the topic of repeated attack of fundamentalists on Amarnath pilgrims. He mentioned about the recent incident which occurred at Baltal on Amarnath route, injuring 24 pilgrims in the process. He said that the terrorists had pelted stones at the Langars, where food for the pilgrims was being prepared, apart from destroying tents erected for the benefit of pilgrims. He accused the state government of trying to cover up the incident by terming it a result of local feud. He demanded better security for pilgrims and harsh steps against those who try to disrupt these pilgrimages.
Shetty also expressed his displeasure at the national level and local media houses not providing enough coverage for the above news towards keeping the populace informed of the injustice Hindus face in their own country.