Hindu Samhati Protest Rally Against Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh

Today (10 December, 2013), Hindu Samhati’s Bangaon Protest Rally Against Persecution of Hindus by Fundamentalist Muslims in Bangladesh has been successfully held.

Police refused to give permission to Hindu Samhati as if they (police) are supporters of Jamaat-e-Islami & BNP of Bangladesh. The fact of the matter is – Our Protest Rally will displease the fundamentalist Muslims here in West Bengal. Hence, the ruling party here – Trinamool Congress (TMC)- is obliged to please the fundamentalist Muslims. Therefore, under TMC leaders’ instructions, Bangaon police refused to give us permission to hold our rally.

Bangaon is a sensitive border town on the India-Bangladesh border. It is in N 24 Parganas District.

However, Hindu Samhati activists refused to be cowed down. We were determined to organise the rally, in spite of the police not granting permission. Hence, Hindu Samhati went ahead and organised the program to show our solidarity with our Hindu brothers and sisters of Bangladesh.

We, as Hindus, cannot and will not turn a blind eye to the worsening plight of our Hindu brothers and sisters of Bangladesh.

Advocate Brojendra Nath Roy, Bikarna Naskar, Ajit Adhikari, Nisith Ghosh, Abhijit Mishra led the Bangaon rally. Please see the attached photographs of our rally.