Hindu temples under threats in Sindh!

sindh_districs_mapOn 15th March, 2014 peace of Larkana city was set on fire by extremists and extremists also torched the dhramshaala and splintered idols (murtees) of lord. Sindh government promised that they would help Hindu to renovate Dharmshaala and assured such kind of incident would not happen in future.
Although Malik Riaz Builder is sole responsible for vandalizing the Mahadev Temple in Karachi. We have already exclusively reported on \”Bharia Town bulldozers vandalize the Hindu temple in The Frontier Post.\”

After Larkana incident, on 28th March, 2014 Kaali Maata Temple was torched and Lord Hanoman Idol was destroyed. Kaali Maata Temple is one of the oldest temples and Sindh\’s greatest Sufi Poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was said to have often visited over there. FIR was filed against unknown persons who came and set the temple on fire and annihilated the Kaali Maata Temple.

After the incidents of Larkana and Kaali Maata Temples that were just filed in the FIRs, in Thar near Diplo Town\’s village of Vehrijhup on 30th March, 2014 oldest Shree Parbrahm Ashram was also collapsed by extremists. General Sectary of All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat Ravi Dawani said on incident of Thar Temple that after Babri Masjid, those cases had started happening again. Parbrahm Temple was oldest Temple and they (Hindu) believed that Parbrahm was the shadow of Lord Shiv. They were worried that why it had happened; such cases had been taking place subsequently.

Ramesh Gopta social activist said, \”It is very strange to us that why these incidents were happening in Sindh. If we had problems with other persons then we could have understood that squabble is provoked that causing incidents. In case of Temples, some people came, burned and destroy Temples and fled away easily. Common citizens know that who could be behind such kind of incidents.\”

Sindh Governments have taken of notices and FIRs have been filed against unknown and known people but actions still need to be taken against culprit minds that caused harm to ancient Temples and grave threat to Hindu Temples started, if government merely takes notice of incidents and remain in sloth to take pragmatic actions then situation further can be worst.

Source: The Frontier Post