Hindutva re-kindled all over the State on the occasion of ‘Gudhi Padva’ !

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) took initiative in organizing collective ‘Gudhi-pujan’, taking out procession of vehicles etc. on the occasion of ‘Gudhi Padva’, all over the State. A brief report is given below.

Thane : New Year was celebrated with usual pomp and show in traditional clothes in the district. Few organizations appealed people to elect right candidate as there will be elections this year. Activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) from Thane, Kalyan, Ambernath and Bhiwandi; so also seekers of Sanatan Sanstha from Dombivali propagated ‘Dharma’ during welcome-procession taken out on the occasion of New Year. Many organizations viz. Sree Sampradaya of Narendra Maharaj, Bharat Swabhiman, Yoga Vedanta Seva Samiti, Dadhichi Seva Mandal, Gondavalekar Maharaj Seva Mandal and other religious and social organizations participated in the processions. It was the 16th year since such processions are being taken out from Dombivali. Seekers of Sanatan Sanstha distributed Sanatan’s invaluable holy books and periodicals. Seekers and activists carried banners about ‘celebration of New Year on Gudhi Padva instead of 1st January’; besides other matter creating awareness. Youth attending ‘Dharma-shikshan’ classes and devout Hindus participated in the procession taken out at Bhiwandi.New Year celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in Thane district !

‘Gudhi-pujan’ at Ghatkopar !

Mumbai : ‘Gudhi-pujan’ program was held at Bhatwadi, Ghatkopar which was attended by 60 devout Hindus. The program was held at Sri Ganesh Mandir of ‘Akhil Bhatwadi Sarvajanik Mandal (Sri Siddhi Ganesha Mandal)’. Shri. Ravindra Wagh, trustee of the temple, Shri. Vijay Varpe, the President of Jijau Pratishthan and Shri. Ashok Mirgule, Chief Executive of ‘Akhil Bhatwadi Sarvajanik Mandal’ commended activities undertaken by Sanatan Sanstha and HJS.

Guidance to youth by Chikhalgaon (Dist. Akola) !

Akola : On 26th March, program was organized and guidance was given on how to celebrate Gudhi Padva in ideal manner. VCD prepared by Sanatan Sanstha was shown on the occasion. More than 50 youth attended the program. Shri. Gopal Kakad, Prafull Dhage, Vivek Metkar, Deepak Malokar worked hard for success of the program. Dr. Rajesh Yadav, rural District Collector of BJP for North Indian Front said that activities undertaken by HJS are required in present times.

Procession of vehicles at Murtizapur (Akola) !

Akola : On 30th March, vehicle procession was organized at Murtizapur (Akola) which started after performing ‘puja’ of ‘Dharma-dhvaj’ by Shri. Krushnakumar Jamadar, the President of Sri Swami Samartha Mandir. Shri. Sunil Sharma, Shri. Tirkar, Shri. Chandan Agrawal, the President of Dharmaseva Samiti, Vedamurty Shri. Amit shastri Kanzarkar and Shri. Milind Devgirkar welcomed the procession. 22 two-wheelers, 1 auto-rickshaw and more than 50 devout Hindu youth participated in the procession. Some Hindus had joined the procession instead of going for Shri. Narendra Modi’s rally.

Rally to welcome New Year

Jalgaon : Procession was taken out in which more than 1200 devout Hindus took part . The procession was organized by Balaji Sansthan. More than 700 pro-Hindu activists also took part in the procession. Activists of HJS from Dharangaon carried ‘Dharmajagruti’ boards during the procession.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti