Hindus on fire in Ranigunj

Hindu rage as regards rape of an innocent Hindu girl student in the colliery town ofRanigunj refuses to end and with each moment it passes, the conflict is getting fiercer as both administration and Hindus refuse to give ground. No matter what the torture of police is Hindus are facing the onslaught boldly. As per the latest report, 54 Hindus including brother of the rape victim (Hindu school girl, student of Class VI of Basanti Devi Balika Vidayalaya) have been taken into custody.
It has also been learnt, Trinamool Congress in the sphere of Ranigunj, owing to the incident, has turned into two rival camps virtually and religious sentiment plays a major role in this case leading to the destruction of two TMC party offices in the area.
But the administration seems to be impenitent and this can be ascertained from the fact that there is no end to nightlong raids on Hindus. Only today, May 2, 2013, a lot of women demonstrated before the police station. Even if there was no presence of lady police constable then, police lathi-charged women protesting mercilessly resulting in severe injuries of 8 women.
Ranigunj has become a war zone thus manifesting Islamic fundamentalism beefing up under political patronage in Bengal will not be tolerated by resurgent Hindus any more.