Hindus want to see pogromists punished

Teachers and students of different universities yesterday demanded passage of a special law with the provision of the capital punishment to try the perpetrators of violence against Hindus.
Joining a human chain in front of the capital’s Jatiya Press Club to protest the post-election atrocities, they said Hindus were living like “aliens” in their own homeland.
“We don’t want to see cases filed against hundreds of ‘unknown’ people. We want the perpetrators to be identified and punished,” said Chandan Sarkar, associate professor of the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology.
While violent attacks on Hindus centring on the national election have been recurrent, the culprits are enjoying impunity, he told the programme, organised by Sudhir Kanti-Anima Sengupta Foundation (SKASF) and Public-Private University Teachers and Students.
Subhash Kumar Sengupta, chairman of SKASF, said no government since the country’s independence had been able to provide security to Hindus.
“We don’t want politicians to use us as political weapons,” he said, adding that Hindus should not be the target of violence just because the government had held an election.

Source: The Daily Star