HJS Success : Organizers of ‘Vinodottam Trophy’ render apology to HJS activists

hjslogoPune (Maharashtra) : One-act plays titled ‘Parat Ekda Kaanaakhaali’; ‘Kaanaakhaali Ganapati Kaadheen’ etc. have denigrated Hindu Deities like Sri Ganapati, Sri Maruti, Sri Bhavanimata; by using them as means of entertainment. The organizers of ‘Vinodottam Trophy’, therefore, rendered apology to activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for such denigration. Deities were presented in ridiculous manner in these plays which was leading to insult of the Deities and it was brought to the notice of Shri. Hemant Nagarkar, one of the organizers of this competition; by activists of HJS. He said that ‘Deities would not be used for entertainment in denigrating manner in future. We render apology for denigration. We have conveyed your sentiments to the judges and to writers of these plays. If these plays are going to be staged at any other place, we will ask them to carry out necessary changes in the ending of the plays.’     

1. Competition for ‘Vinodottam Trophy’ of humorous one-act plays was organized only for pure entertainment of people; but through medium of those plays, Hindu Deities were denigrated.

2. On 10th October, ‘Saptashrungi Group’ presented a play titled ‘Parat Ekda Kaanaakhaali’ and another play titled ‘Kaanaakhaali Ganapati Kaadheen’ was presented by ‘Kolas Cretaions’. These plays, in the name of humour, made mockery of Hindus’ faith, ‘Dev-darshna’ and experience of people related to Ganapati idol drinking milk. The theme of both the plays was somewhat similar.

3. A person slaps another person when a shape like ‘Ganapati’ gets imprinted on cheek of that person. People then crowd the place to take ‘darshan’ of such Ganapati and what kind of incidents take place after that is shown in one of the plays.

Denigration in play titled ‘Kaanaakhaali Ganapati Kaadheen’

1. A person called Panase has a son on whose cheeks, Ganapati gets imprinted. Panse and his neighbour named Nana make the son sit on a wooden seat and garland the boy.

2. As news about Ganapati-imprint spreads in their lane, people crowd the place to have ‘darshan’.  

3. A woman selling flowers comes there and starts selling flowers as it is her occupation.

4. A youth from that place keeps a donation box in front of Ganapati and says, “Because of the donation box, people will not only take ‘darshana’ and leave but will put some money in the box. You take 50% of the donations and give me 50% because I suggested this trick to you.”

5. A media-representative reaches there for news. When he asks Panase about how Ganapati got imprinted on the cheek, Panase tells him that he had slapped his son for some reason when such Ganaapti got imprinted. The media-person accuses Panase of ill-treating his son, of cheating people and condemns Panase.

6. Later, friend of Panase’s son comes there and discloses that he had drawn Ganapati on the cheek. Panase used to beat his son and was also opposing to his son’s demand of bringing Ganapati idol during Ganesha-festival, therefore, he was just pretending as if Ganapati got really imprinted on his cheek.

7. Finally, Panase agrees to bring Ganapati idol to make his son happy.

8. At that time, news about Sri Maruti getting imprinted reaches there and all people go to see Maruti.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat