HJS to create awareness towards Dharma in Gangasagar Fair in Bengal

Gangasagar (Bengal) : During the fair held every year during the festival of ‘Makar-sankranti’ at the famous place of pilgrimage, Gangasagar in Bengal, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) will be holding exhibition of books, ‘sattvik’ products and ‘Flex’ display boards with matters related to Dharma. Exhibition will be held on the ground of ‘Vedalok Samaj’, a spiritual organization near Kapil Muni ashram on Road No.3, so also on Road No. 1, on the ground of ‘Govardhan Peetha ashram, Puri’ in camp from 12th January to 15th January. Books on different subjects like spirituality, religion, on health, protection of nation etc. and display boards on these topics will be there. HJS has appealed to all ‘jidnyasus’ to visit the exhibition which will create awareness amongst people towards nation and Dharma.

1. Activists of HJS and seekers of Sanatan did not get passes for free passage to go to Gangasagar in ferry-boats; therefore, the Government officers were not allowing them to go on technical ground. Finally, one voluntary organization included them in their group when they learnt about Sanatan and HJS activities and took them to Gangasagar without having to pay any charges.

2. In the area of Gangasagar Fair, no private vehicle is allowed to enter; still police, administration etc. helped and all prasar-material could be transported to the marquee of HJS without any problems.

3. It was observed from one incident that people, Government employees and police staff have faith in the fair held on Gangasagar Island. A policeman halted the vehicle carrying lot of material; but when he was told that they were going to the Fair, he allowed them to go.

4. HJS activists and Sanatan seekers met Pujya Nimai Maharaj, the officer of Gangasagar Ashram of ‘Bharat Seva Sangh’, a voluntary organization. Pu. Nimai Maharaj went through the book on ‘Dharma-phalak’ boards and spontaneously granted permission for setting up of ‘flex’ exhibition. He came to show the place where the exhibition was to be set up.

5. Maharshi Chetananand Saraswati Maharaj, the Pioneer of ‘Vedalok Samaj’ granted permission to set up exhibition of books, ‘sattvik’ products and boards imparting ‘Dharma-shikshan’. Seekers and HJS activists took part in the seva of erecting marquee and cleaning of the place.

6. Seekers had to go to Gangasagar, in the evening of 10th January, for making arrangements for setting up of exhibition stall, coordination work etc. These seekers arrangements for stay were made at the camp of Shankaracharya of Puri Peetha from 12th January. There was a problem of making arrangements for their stay on 10th and 11th January. Shri. Shivshankar Gupta, secretary of Sahu Samaj ashram was contacted and he made the arrangements at their ashram in Gangasagar. It was thus experienced that God had already made all plans.

7. Shri. Gupta reached ashram of Sahu Samaj to participate in Gangasagar Fair and he immediately visited the room where seekers were staying. He learnt about the activities and goals of the organizations and was quite impressed with the efforts made by seekers for ‘Dharma-prasar’. He commended the activities related to creating awareness and unification of Hindus. He requested to organize a lecture in programs held by his ‘Samaj’ and hold book –exhibition. He insisted that seekers should have meals and breakfast at the ashram wherever they may be.

‘Makar-sankranti’ Festival at Gangasagar Island, Bengal

Gangasagar is an island surrounded by water where River Ganga meets the sea. The island is round in shape and its half part is surrounded by water of River Ganga and the other half, by sea-water. It is a unique confluence of the most holy river in India and sea; therefore, the island is called as ‘Gangasagar’. Every year, when Sun enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn, this fair is held for taking a holy dip. Generally it falls on 13th or 14th January. It is also known as ‘Makarsankrant Parva’. The fair is organized under the aegis of State Government of Bengal. The importance of Gangasagar is explained as ‘Baaki teertha baar baar, Gangasagar ek baar’. The place of pilgrimage is visited by about 5-6 lakhs of devotees during this period. Ashram of Maharshi Kapil Muni, the pioneer of Numerology is also visited by devotees.

It is said that ‘ Sarvatra ………., ………..Gangasagar Sangame’ which means –

River Ganga is holy and taking a dip in Ganga at 3 places is rare. These 3 places are – Hardwar, Prayag and Gangasagar’

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti