Investigating Agencies’ ploy to implicate Sanatan in Margao blast case is exposed through Court’s rebuke

Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar addressing in the press conference

Photo – From left : Shri. Virendra Marathe, Shri. Sangam Borkar,
Shri. Dhananjay Ashtekar, Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar, Adv. Chetan Manerikar

Biased police incriminating Sanatan should be dismissed and P. Chidambaram should render apology to Hindus ! – demands Sanatan Sanstha

Shri. Malgonda Patil and Shri. Yogesh Naik died in the blast that occurred on the eve of Diwali on 16th October 2009. Both of them were Sanatan seekers, was the only point based on which the then State Home Minister, Ravi Naik declared in a press conference that Sanatan Sanstha was behind the blast. Investigating Agencies arrested Sanatan’s 6 young seekers and the investigations were handed over to National Investigating Agency (NIA). The State Government of Goa and NIA started creating proofs with the aim of implicating Sanatan and the Court has strongly reprimanded the investigating agencies. The Special Court has noted that the case of blast was registered in a suspicious and incriminating manner only to implicate Sanatan. Sanatan Sanstha is, therefore, making a demand that the Central Government should conduct impartial inquiry and find out the true masterminds behind Margao blast.

Police responsible for wasting 4 years of six Sanatan seekers should be dismissed !

Police had claimed that on the day of blast, explosives were found at other places in Goa and it was a conspiracy to blast bombs in different places in the State. The Court has, however, noted that the explosives used in Margao blast and those found at other places did not match. NIA produced 122 witnesses in Court to prove this charge. During hearing of this case, about 6000 pages were presented in Court. After 4 years, on 31st December 2013, Court passed verdict and the Special Court of Goa honorably acquitted all 6 seekers of Sanatan in this blast case. Few officers from both the investigating agencies, Goa police and later, NIA, misused their power for implicating Sanatan seekers so also Sanatan Sanstha. Such suppression tactics are very serious and stunning the system of democracy. If agencies meant for protection of citizens indulge in illegal activities, it can lead to anarchy; therefore, the State Government of Goa and the Central Government should realize the gravity of the situation and dismiss the concerned police officers who are responsible for the same and legal action should be initiated against them. Sanatan Sanstha is ready to submit names of these responsible officers along with the details of their illegal acts.

P. Chidambaram should render apology for trying to brand Hindus as terrorists !

The then Central Home Minister, P. Chidambaram was in such a hurry to prove his theory of saffron terrorism that instead of permission of District Magistrate required to file case for explosives as per the procedure, he himself granted the permission and the Court has taken a note of this. Chidambaram is known to be one of the best advocates in the country so it cannot be claimed that he did not know the law. His action cannot be considered as a mistake committed inadvertently but it is proved to be a part of the ploy of ruling party. The ruling party should, at least now, stop maligning Sanatan Sanstha’s name and the Central Government, along with Chidambaram, should render public apology to all Hindus. The Government should avoid misuse of police and try to fight against true terrorism; thereby protecting citizens of this country. This is the demand made by Sanatan Sanstha.

Reimburse acquitted 6 Sanatan seekers for the loss !

Owing to the policy of humiliating Hindus of the then Goa Government and ruling Central Government, besides irresponsible behaviour of investigating agencies, 6 young seekers of Sanatan have lost 4 precious years of their life; staying in jail. The then Home Minister of Goa, Ravi Naik and the then Central Home Minister, P. Chidambaram should now tell us how such important years in their life can be regained. The Government should at least show some consideration towards these seekers and as rectification of own wrong doing, make good, the loss sustained by these six seekers.

Stop harassing Sanatan seekers in the name of inquiry !

Sanatan’s innocence was brought forth in Margao blast case; still police machinery is unnecessarily harassing Sanatan seekers and their relatives in the name of conducting inquiry by going to their houses. Conducting inquiry of innocent people in such manner is breach of Human Rights; therefore, Governments of all States should immediately stop inquiry of Sanatan seekers and their relatives.

We’ll fight against wicked mentality in democracy ! – Shri. Dhananjay Ashtekar (Acquitted seeker of Sanatan)

The special squad of Goa police had no strong, convincing proof agains us when we were arrested. We kept on telling police that ‘we are innocent’; but they did not listen to us. While in police custody, police used to beat us with sticks and shoes so that we would admit to the crime we had not committed. We were given electric shock. Our leg used to be stretched in such a way that our thighs would pain and police used to stand on our feet with their shoes. They used to abuse in such terrible manner and talk in so vulgar language about our mothers and sisters that we cannot tell you. They used to threaten us, “Admit to the crime; else we will bring your wives, mothers and sisters on the road.” They used to tell us only one thing that ‘You just admit that you and Sanatan Sanstha are involved and turn to State’s evidence; else you will have to stay in prison all your life.’ We, however, went through police torture, followed the path of truth and proved our innocence through judicial process.

We have spent 4 precious years of  our life in jail for no reason; which is an irreparable loss. This also adversely affected activities related to propagation of Dharma undertaken by us. My family members and I had to suffer mental torture; it was social stigma for us. Who is responsible for this loss? In these 4 years, we have lost faith in our rulers, police, bureaucracy and journalism which are the four pillars of democracy; and therefore, we have decided to fight against such wicked mentality in democracy.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti