Hooligans thrash Hindu traders in Raiganj

Cloth traders Palash  Bhattacharjee and Padma Bhattacharjee, residents of Bhatol village, P.S. Raiganj, North Dinajpur district of West Bengal were thrashed by  Aziz Ansari, Kalam Ansari, Chalua Ansari. It has been learnt that Aziz and his associates are land dealings agents and the Bhattacharjee brothers had used their help to buy a land in the village a few years back. They had paid the requisite dealer’s fee to the agency and had since transformed the land to a glossy shop. However, on 4th of July, at around 8 pm, Kalam Ansari along with Chalua and Aziz went to the newly made shop of Palash and Padma to have the remaining part of agency fee that they claimed were still due. When Padma Bhattacharjee refused to pay them anymore citing that they did not owe them anymore, a tussle started between the two groups and within a short time, all three of them, backed by a few criminals who were waiting outside the shop for an opportunity, pounced down on the two brothers.
While the shop was ransacked, both Palash and Padma were thrashed brutally. Padma had Rs.14,000 in his purse that was grabbed by the thugs along with other goods. To save the situation and also his two elder brothers, Tapas Bhattacharjee phoned a few Hindu youths in the area. But by the time they reached the shop, Kalam Ansari and his gang had already fled. Padma Bhattacharjee has been admitted to Raiganj Sadar Hospital in a critical condition while his family members have lodged an FIR (No. 624) dated 04.07.2013 under sections 448, 323, 379 of the Indian Penal Code. Even though the police has visited the place, attackers are roaming in the area freely without fear of prosecution.