Unified resistance in Roygunj forbids Islamists

Tangra, located in No 7 Shitgram, Roygunj block, North Dinajpur district, is a nondescript Hindu majority village although a few more than a dozen Badia Muslim families have been residing there. The main road to the local crematorium is beside an area where the Muslims are in a majority. A local mosque is located some 50 metres from the road and is frequented by local Muslims for years now. Recently, a move to relocate the mosque to a place much closer to the road caused uproar among the Hindu families as they perceived this as an attempt to prohibit access to the crematorium. Their apprehension is reportedly based on past experiences where their fears have come true.
What followed was a proactive defense by Hindus, the intensity of which troubled the local police and administration. To evolve a truce, a meeting was convened in the office of the block development officer of Roygunj, comprising representatives of both communities. Hindus present there protested vehemently against the scheme of erecting a new mosque beside the road leading to the crematorium. In face of a united show by the members of the Hindu community, the administration was left with no choice but to firmly rule that no such new construction would be allowed.The joint struggle has turned Hindus in village of Tangra into a cohesive unit ready to thwart repetation of incident like this.

Source: Hindusamhati