Houston Hindu Heritage Winter Camp – Dec 24-27 : 9 -5 pm

We are glad to share a new opportunity for all the youngsters based in Houston. It is a 4 days’ Hindu Heritage Winter Camp.  This will include 1 full day of Spoken Sanskrit classes and a class on Vedic mathematics. The curriculum and schedule is attached as well. Special target audience is high school and middle school kids. They will get volunteer hours for attending this camp, as it is envisioned as a training program for doing Hindu Heritage related activities. 
Also, this activity is designed to keep the kids preoccupied with Hindu activities in a season that is predisposed towards Santa/Xmas/etc. Also, a perfect opportunity for Non-hindus to learn about Hindu culture.

This is free of cost. (Lunch/snacks will be provided)

Any of the following will be more than happy to provide further information.

Kavita Vachaknavee 📱(832) 874-3376
Prasad Gurajala 📱(281) 818-7824
Smita Kotecha 📱(832) 282-8671
Shalini Kapoor 📱(832) 729-9752
Rajiv Varma ☎(281) 576-7496
Source: World Hindu News