Improve capabilities to defeat evil forces: Sridevi Goyal


Nagpur, October 7:Women are storehouse of unlimited energy. Only they should strive to experience their power and demonstrate it as and when necessary to prove their equality, said S Sridevi Goyal, former Director General Home Guards and Civil Defence.

She was addressing the sevikas of Rashtra Sevika Samiti, on the occasion of ‘Vijayadashami–its foundation day–function organized at Shubhmangal Auditorium.

The former police officer was most categorical in her exhortation to the young and the old ‘sevikas’. “Know your capabilities, identify your own potential, muster courage to fight with all the evil forces in your life, and follow the tradition, culture and values you are taught at the shakha of the samiti”, she said in an emotional appeal to the gathering of hundreds of sevikas.

The Vijayadashami function was attended by Pramukh Karyavahika of Samiti Annaaman Seethakka, Vidarbha Prant Karyavahika Sulbha Gaud, Nagpur Mahanagar Karyavahika Karuna Sathe who shared the dais. Besides, former Pramukh Sanchalikas Vandaniya Ushatai Chati, Pramilatai Medhe were prominently present.

The program began with ‘Shastrapujan’ by the dignitaries. This year they preformed the pujan of replica of ‘Agni’ missile and satellite and remote sensing devices along with the traditional weapons as manifestation of Shakti.

This was followed by various physical exercises such as pyramids, yoga and suryanamaskars, stick drill, and so on.
In her simple but heart-touching exhortation Sridevi Goyal reminded the audience the old saying which said that the gods also reside where women are honored. She said that the women today has to acquire strength, power and ability to stand erect braving all odds and adversaries in her life. She is the backbone of the family and as such must be strong, courageous and brave.

Women in India are recognized as ‘Shaktiswaroopa’ since the hoary past and even today they had demonstrated this aspect of their life in incidents like ‘Akku Yadav’, she said adding that as police officer though she could not justify anyone taking laws in her hands. But in her individual capacity she admired those brave women of Nagpur who taught a befitting lesson to that notorious goon called Akku Yadav some years ago.

Referring to the increasing craze for social media among the younger generation, she advised them not to put their photographs and personal information on facebook lest it should be misused and manipulated against them or used to blackmail them. Instead, the young girls should concentrate on their studies, and achieving the goal they placed in their lives.

Pramukh Karyavahika Seethakka called upon the sevikas to strive hard to remain united and develop a fighting spirit to combat all the evils in the society.

‘Shakti Nityatva Niyam’ is nothing but the law of conservation of energy, she said, adding that all energy is in one form but for its varied manifestation that we see in our midst, Woman is the form of this energy and union of these energy forms was needed to combat the evil and solve all the problems of the universe, Seethakka said.

Recalling the story of demon ‘Raktabeej’ and how the Goddess in her Chandika form killed him without allowing a drop of blood from his body to fall on the ground, she said the present problems like incursions by China into our territory, repeated violation of ceasefire regulations by
Pakistani forces, the rowing terrorist attacks, corruption, skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, devaluation of currency, exploitation of women at workplaces, and growing incidents of ‘Love Jihad’ targeted at conversion of Hindu girls to Islam are all the forms of the demon Raktabeej.

To fight with this new form of Raktabeej, the women should get united and strong as Chandika; Seethakka said adding that women should strive for spiritual uplift and inculcating values among the younger generations.

Medha Nandedkar compeered the proceedings while Karuna Sathe proposed vote of thanks.undefined

Anuradha Mundle, President of Mahila Kala NIketan, Sunanda Vaidya, Manisha Sant, Akhil Bharatiya Sharirik Shikshan Pramukh, Suman Sarnaik of Devi Ahilyabai Smarak Samiti, Dr Garima Sapre of Shaktipeeth, Dr Mandakini Gupta of Sanskar Bharati, Advocate Meera Khaddakar, Mukul Kanitkar and others were present on the occasion.

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra