Indian Censor Board must sense the sensibilities of Hindus and take appropriate action on the Film

bollywood-logoCensor Board must sense the sensibilities of Hindus and take appropriate action on the Film


Request important members on this list with personal contacts with the Shiv Sena, Shri Anupam Kher, Shri Amitabh Bachhan and other sensible Hindus in Bollywood to take note of the acute and ever widening Islamisation of Bollywood film indistry – Financing, production, as directors, lyric writers, script writers etc etc.


This Islamisation has possibly deadened the conscience of Hindus in Bollywood including the actors who have no qualms about playing these roles or mouthing such dialogues. Above all the shameless Hindus in the Censor Board have no qualms about passing such films for certification.


The shameless Hindus in Bollywood must realize that this industry with its vast influence is now peddling alcoholism, partying with flowing liquor, sleeping around, infidelity and mouthing non-contextual and unnecessary Islamic words in more and more Hindi film songs, maula, khalifa, allah, ali ali. Pay attention and you will all see the insane Islamisation of Bollywood. “Singham returns” is the violent symptom of this disease.


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Subject: Censor Board must sense the sensibilities of Hindus and  take appropriate action on the Film-“Singham Returns”.


Trailers and promos of ‘Singham Returns’, slated to release on August 15th, are being popularised on different types of media. These promos have scenes that can inflame communal sentiments. A Hindu Saint has been shown as the main antagonist. The protagonist, Ajay Devgan, is shown threatening the Saint with the words ‘Main tera do kaudi ka pravachan sunne nahin aaya hun’ (I have not come here to listen to your useless discourse). Elsewhere in the promos, the same protagonist is shown (in Police uniform, accompanied by other actors also in uniforms) wearing an Islamic skull cap, performing ‘namaaz’ and also proudly saluting the mosque. What category of secularism do these actions fall into? In the interests of stopping communal sentiments being hurt and the society being saved from being handed a wrong message, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has appealed to the Central Film Censor Board and the producers, ‘Reliance Entertainment’, to withdraw the movie. If this request is not complied with, then a Nationwide Agitation will be launched on the 3rd of August.


Bajirao Singham, the protagonist, proudly calls himself a ‘Maratha’. But instead of abiding by the teachings of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (who lead by example when it came to honouring Hindu Saints) Singham chooses to disregard them. In this light, he should be renamed ‘Ghazirao Singham’! We want to know if the producers have the gall to vilify some Maulana or Christian Priest! The Censor Board, which has repeatedly shown its inability to curb attacks on Hindu Dharma  will be morally responsible for any law and order situation that may arise if the movie is released. So the onus is on the Censor Board to ensure that the Producers of the movie implement the necessary changes. Hindus have had enough to tolerance to put up with in the past. Everything has its limits. The HINDUS will not keep quiet if the Censor Bpard turns a blind eye and obliquely supports the pro ISI Bolywood releases.

All the pro-Hindu organizations have unitedly declared that defamation of Hindu Deities and culture will not be tolerated under any circumstance

Source: Patriot Forum

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