Islamist settlers wipe out Hindu tribal villages in West Bengal. Hindu Tribals fervently appeal for help from Global Hindus

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed (6) unnamedIslamist settlers wipe out Hindu tribal villages in West Bengal.
Hindu Tribals fervently appeal for help from Global Hindus.
21st July 2015 – Some Islamic fundamentalists in order to capture Tribal land in Chakulia (North Dinajpur) looted everything from houses of 10 families and set fire to them. The village Sirshi is two kilometers west of Chakulia police station, Belan Panchayat, Setu mouja. The tribals have 14 acres of land in their name which they have lived for eternity. These tribals have been doing farming in this land for the last 40 years. But recently some Bangladeshi Muslim settlers through various arguments have been trying to capture these lands. On 21st July, when the men of the village were outside to work on the fields, at around morning 10 am Sabdur Ali and his 4 sons, Shakir, Saheb, Mukim and Naser brought 200-250 Islamists along with them, burnt down the houses of these poor tribals and destroyed all rice harvest in the close by lands using tractors. The tribal Hindus are fervently appealing for justice from the global Hindu community.
Some affected Hindus are :
1) Karthik Murmu
2) Pradhan Kisku
3) Kamu Soren
4) Balui Hansda
5) Shukla Hansda
6) Mangal Hansda
7) Soniram Hansda
8) Saroj Soren
9) Chunu Soren
10) Egeyar Kisku
Hindu Samhati workers are trying to help these tribals.

Hindu Samhati workers just now reached the trouble spot 2nd time where 10 Tribal families lost everything. HS workers are distributing Chura, Sugar, Potato & vegetables to the victim families. Local B.D.O. has given them the black polythene sheets.
EVERYTIME Muslims will attack weak Hindus. Govt. will give them relief. Who will give them justice?
This is the plight of our tribal brothers & sisters in our free country. They’ll have to spend night almost under open sky, and after taking ‘chura-sugar’ as dinner supplied to them by Hindu Samhati. Why all these you know? Bcoz of our perverted concept of ‘secularism’. No constitution, no Indian law could protect them. Muslims, even Bangladeshi Muslims got a free run under this system to do any mischief, any torture upon Hindus.
However, although police could not protect the tribals, but they have started a fairly good criminal case after this incident. District administration took it seriously is evident from the fact that one D.S.P. rank officer Mr. Suvendu Mandal became I.O. of this case. Case no. – 386/15, dated 21.05.15.
U/S – 143/148/ 149/ 447/ 448/ 436/ 427/ 354/ 379 IPC read with Sec 3(IV), (V), (XI) of Prevention of atrocities on SC & ST(1989) Act.
I personally talked to the OC-Chakulia PS.
13 Muslims are accused by name. 8 culprits arrested, including 5 women. Others are absconding.
But I am surprised to see that the hapless tribal families have not been provided with sufficient relief materials. Strange!!
Source: WHN Media Network