Karnataka : Police intimidate Hindu Organisation Activists who lodged complaint against beef’s smuggling


Sitting are those involved in illegal transportation of beef
caught by the activists of Shri Ram Sena (standing)

Police intimidating Pro-Hindu activists –

1. Police Inspector Shekharappa
2. Police Sub-inspector Awati 

Khanapur (Karnataka) : Members of Sriram Sena nabbed a tempo illegally transporting beef on the 1st of January. A fanatic named Sadruddin Bepari was carrying beef in the tempo. Sriram Sena’s activists went to police station to lodge a complaint against him but police started bullying the activists.

1. A tempo was going through Gadigunji village with ‘Jai Bheem’ written on it and there was also a picture of Srikrushna. Sriram Sena’s activists had a doubt; therefore, they stopped the tempo. On inspection, it was found that the tempo was carrying beef in an illegal manner.

2. Sriram Sena activists took the fanatic driver Sadruddin Bepari into custody and took him to the police station.

3. Police Inspector Shekharappa and Sub-inspector Awati of the police station tried to avoid registering a complaint against Sadruddin; and in turn threatened the activists for lodging complaint against them. (Today, if a complaint against the injustice done to Hindus is not going to be even registered, then if tomorrow, Hindus take law in their hands to fight against the injustice; shouldn’t these irresponsible police officers be held liable for the same ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)


4. Sriram Sena’s Taluka Chief for Khanapur Pandit Ogale contacted Inspector General of Police and District Superintendent of Police and informed them about the situation. They instructed inspector Shekharappa to register the complaint. In the meantime, Pro-Hindu activists gathered there in large numbers. 

5. The activists had also lodged a complaint and demanded action against the unauthorized slaughter-house at Londha; but police refused to include this point in FIR by totally ignoring it.

6. FIR was lodged under very mild IPC clauses; therefore, the activists expressed doubt over police of being hand in gloves with the accused. (Police do not take cognizance of injustice done to Hindus; therefore, Hindus have to stage agitations for every small thing and the mass media spit venom against Hindus for staging agitations. Do the media expect that Hindus should always be at receiving end of injustice ? Hindus need to realize the need for establishment of Hindu Rashtra for permanently solving this problem ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) 

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat