Kenya: Christians, Hindus Divided Over Kisimu Idol

Nairobi, Kenya — RELIGIOUS tensions intensified in Kisimu town where Christians from the Repentance and Holiness Ministries (RHM) clashed with their Hindu counterparts over the erection of a stature by Hindu worshipers in the area.

Members of the RHM opposed the establishment of a stature by members of the Hindu church stating that it contradicted their faith as it amounted to worshipping of a stature.

The RHM group, led by Bishop Helen Ochieng, carried out demonstration in major streets in Kisumu while calling for the removal of the stature.

He quoted the Bible scriptures dissuading the worshiping of objects.

“According to the book of Exodus Chapter 20 verse 3 and 4 we know very well that God does not want us to worship another god and also he does not want us to make an idol in the form of God and therefore when we came to that point we had to state clearly that there is an evil in this city that is happening.

“We as a church cannot accept this,” said bishop Ochieng during the demonstrations.

The group further said that the town experienced a heavy downpour on Monday and after their service they discovered that the idol had actually “disappointed” God.

“It is not a good thing to put and idol in the city that bears the name of God,” added Bishop Ochieng.

The Hindus on the other hand claimed that they sought the authorization from the authorities before establishing the idol that is next to their place of worship as they prepared to mark 100 years of their stay in the town.

There are more than 53 000 Hindus in Kenya where more than 80 percent of the 44 million-population is Christian

Source: All Africa