&nb sp;   ANGER AND AGONY ARE TWINS

         & nbsp;         & nbsp;         & nbsp;  By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

MANU MAHARAJ, the greatest law giver mankind has ever seen has prescribed TEN PILLARS of Dharma. Among them the last two are: SATYAM , AKRODHO. The Truth and absence of anger are as important pillars of Dharma as the other eight ones that we may imbibe in other writings later on. Presently I propose to take up Anger and how to keep it at sea so that it does not have better of Man and his mind. Of course, from time to time you and I come across sagacious advice on controlling anger but I shall lead our thought process on the rail where there is no station named Anger. Is it possible, one may ask. Of course, it is feasible. One learns from one’s own experience and becomes wiser.

It is said that wise men learn from experiences of other fellow men but fools do not learn even from their own experiences of follies galore. Let us be wise as in the chant of a Ved mantra, one says “Dhiyo Yonah Pracho Dayat”. May Ishwar pulverize our intellect with divine inspiration and the inspired intellect may lead us on to illuminated path. One should chant the entire Gayatri Mantra of which the quotation is a part and meditate on it until it becomes a part of our thinking process. Thus the chanter of this Ved mantra will walk on the path of righteousness and not deviate from it.


Sages agree on the genesis of anger. Anger is a product of a weak mind. A General loses the battle in his mind first and then troops lose it on the battlefield. The General who is about to lose the battle is seething with anger and transfers it to other officers down in the chain of command. He loses Peace of Mind and baulks at whatever comes in sight. It is a speaking sign of his losing control over his own mental faculty that he tries to hide with a show of bluff and bluster calling his devoted staff names and behaving as a semi-mad man. Adolf Hitler may be cited as a glaring example of a top man losing power of his mind and thus succumbing to political and military pressure of the opposing forces. Total darkness prevails in the mind of the General on the verge of a total defeat and this darkness or Tamas begets uncontrollable Anger.

The point at issue is : Let Tamas or darkness be banished with enlightenment of mind through chanting of Ved mantras. Thus absence of darkness in mind will indeed lead to absence of Anger. If Anger is not born, the question of killing it or controlling it does not arise.

It may sound a near-impossible situation where Anger is absolutely Absent. Anger is non- existent. Manu Maharaj has himself pointed out to the mental state where Anger is non-existent. He makes no mention of KRODH or Anger but says AKRODHO or total lack of Anger is the Tenth Pillar of Dharma. It is a fine distinction between Anger , method of controlling it and indeed the state of mind where there is AKODHO or total absence of Anger. Indeed a blessed state that we all human beings should aspire for and pray for to achieve.


Mind is the Man. If there is a total lack of anger in the mind, does it mean that there is a vacuum? No, certainly not. The mind should be full of joy generating ideas, symptoms of happiness, concept of divine beauty. That state is achievable by chanting Ved mantra, meditating on meaning and bringing the learning into our day-to-day life. It is Divine Bliss that the Atma generates in preparation of MOKSHA where the soul is liberated from the shackles of birth, death and rebirth. Let us Pray: DHIYO YONAH PRACHO DAYAT.

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