Opinion: Why Hindu Voice Scores Zero In Media

Rahul Chandra

Rahul Chandra

Rahul Chandra is an Indian-American researcher, speaker and writer on global Hindu empowerment and brings more than a decade of experience in working for Hindu organizations at social, religious and political levels. A renowned Hindu perspective media intellectual, he has served as editor and media director to prestigious Hindu organizations and is currently North American Bureau chief for WHN. 

Last week Indian PM Narendra Modi addressed fellow Members of Parliament in which he slammed media for avoiding good work of Ex- Indian Army chief Gen. V. K. Singh efforts for Yemen evacuation. The reason why mainstream Indian media didn’t appreciated the Gen. V. K. Singh is one mainstream Indian media is its Anti Patriotic editorial position in India.  Gen. V. K. Singh being an ex- Army patriotic officer, was best suited as a scapegoat for mainstream Indian media for ideological persecution.  In fact ‘Presstitutes’ – a term for mainstream Indian media coined by Gen. V. K. Singh is an appreciation, a prostitute sells her body for funds (in a state of utmost financial despair)  mainstream Indian media has not only sold its body but also mind and soul (and there is no desperate financial situation for operators of mainstream Indian media).


Briefly, the reason why mainstream Indian media is Anti Patriotic is because mainstream Indian institutions are owned and operated by foreign – cum domestic individuals and groups aligned to Abrahamic ideologies (Philosophy antipodal to Hindu way of operations). The question here is why patriotic Hindus failed to design, develop and implement their own media powerhouses and why even after one year of total absolute majority, the Indian Hindu Nationalist Govt. is dependent on mainstream media (aligned to Abrahamic ideologies) with so much power, money and influence at disposable. Alignment to Abrahamic ideologies is safest & most profitable form of media activism.

Generally, when one is in total political power and that power slams group of media institutions – it reflects surrender and dependency.  In an ideal scenario, when one is on absolute power, anti – national media institutions should face prosecution and locked down immediately with an iron hand behind an iron curtain. Many African and European countries governed by Nationalists have successfully dissolved anti-National media houses. Unfortunately today Hindus still stands at ground zero when it comes to media in India or overseas – one because Hindus lack a collective iron hand to compress anti-Patriotic news media houses & in parallel an inability to support and sustain alternate media service.

Hindus are most educated and prosperous community in India and abroad, sadly Hindus stand most ill-equipped and weakest when it comes to their social – political power in India and abroad. The most affluent community in world is in extreme poor state when it comes to national – international media which can serve their community requirement. In today’s world,  life as a Hindu activist or an intellectual lacks collective community support and those fighting for Hindu cause are doing so on their own or limited good fellowman support. The only reason why such brave Hindu nationalists fight Anti-Hindu forces is that they know that they have faith in an old wisdom “the only reason for rise of evil is because few good men do nothing”  and as a good Hindu men they just can’t sit and watch evident persecution of Hindus in current and future state. After six million genocide of Jews by Hitler, many wondered why no one sincerely stopped him during his early days of Nazi party formation.

The brutal hate attacks on American Hindu temples, ethnic persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan and defaming Hindu organizations in India, mass demolishment of Hindu temples in Malaysia, racism in South Africa reflects the collective weakness of Hindu society in protecting and preserving Hindu institutions and community. In US if a Jewish Synagogue is attacked or a Church is vandalized abroad, it’s captures main headline on CNN, Fox and other prominent news media houses. On the contrary so many Hindu temples have been a victim of hate attacks, still no one sees a single news at major news broadcasting channels. This in spite of the fact that Hindus in America are one of the most affluent and educated community with an influential presence of first and second generation led Hindu organizations , still remains one of the weakest social – political community.  This is evident from the fact that a handful of Leftists Hindu organizations were successfully able to launch a vicious media campaign against Narendra Modi and were able to convince US senators and congressman towards denial of Visa, in spite of three million strong Hindu community and hundreds of Hindu organizations operating in USA.  

Moreover common Hindu masses are not aware of ongoing persecution of Hindus because there is no  large scale media voice. Still today, most Hindus depend on Yahoo, Google groups and individual mailing when it’s comes to news dissipation on Hindu persecution. Though online organizations like HJS, WHN, Hinduism today and other small scale Hindu media outlets work hard to serve Hindu media requirement, there is limitations of reach (less than 1% of global Hindus).

Today no world major media house or political group cares whether one Hindu or a million Hindus are victims of atrocities of people from Abrahamic faiths. No one did when in 1975 a million Hindus perished in Bangladesh and recently when sixty thousand Kashmiri Hindus were forced exited in 1990′s or when sixty Hindus were killed in Gujarat in 2002.  Their physical persecution and human rights news goes silently behind iron curtain of Abrahamic faiths aligned media houses. Many media houses in India are owned and operated by Hindus, still they deliberately cover up Hindu causes as they very well know that that the return of their investments for broadcasting Hindu causes is far less than the risks they will invite from Abrahamic groups. They know that broadcasting Hindu voice will not only ward off business from advertisements but under an attack phase, they can hardly rely on patriot Hindu political organizations. As a result broadcasting news relevant to Hindu persecution may result in their own persecution.

What amaze a reader that in spite of India now governed by nationalists and patriots, one can still witness in many Yahoo Groups, Google groups where Hindu intellectual and activists across the board constantly complain and decry the biasness of mainstream media. Many send bulk e-mails decrying Hindu human rights in India and abroad. Thus even with absolute political power, financial resources and intellectual brains Hindus voice today still stands at ground zero at national and international media houses. This reflects the sluggish attitude of Hindu groups when it comes to medium scale and  massive media houses design and development.

Today in this some of the experiences are shared which justify why Hindus gets a Zero when it comes to development of media houses where Hindu cause perspective is broadcasted appropriately and who is responsible for this state of decades of continuum begging mercifully   to news media houses aligned to Abrahamic philosophies.

In 2009, when I visited a prominently Hindu event in New Jersey, a Hindu business man from Florida said ‘Namaste’ and before even I asked for his introduction, he showed me his Smartphone and asked me to look at a newsletter from a Christian organization and told me “See how organized and professional these Christian organizations publish and circulate news, can Hindus ever do this?” He further added that he is most willing to fund a venture which is professional and organized serving Hindu media requirement. I appreciated the news website creativity and the way it sends its weekly newsletters and offered my thanks to the Hindu businessman for updating me. That time I was news editor for World Hindu Council Of America (VHPA) newsletters  in 2009. After three years and post launch of World Hindu News collectively with fellow US residents, one of our US based fundraising person at an another event in Florida re-approached him on our company request and asked if he would like to fund the newspaper.

That so called ‘Prominent’ multi-Billionaire Hindu businessman showed no sincerity and seriousness in my sales persons communication. He dodged the approach and instead started giving suggestions on the efforts, design and overall massive intellectual presence on editorial, media, technology, but offered no direct financial assistance. His body language communicated a typical behaviour exhibited by short sighted individuals with deep dollar pockets.

When my person informed me about this, I asked him to say thanks to Mr. Hindu Business professionally and re-attend our stall without wasting a single more minute. Our system placed that businessman in category SWA (Suggestions Without Action) under which we say ‘Namaste’ ‘Hello’ ‘Good Night’ to category SWA Hindus but never engage in any partnership with them. Ironically the same businessman approached us for an advertisement of his institution event in our online portal, our sales office replied happily with professional quotes. This was because his regional Christian newspapers asked for a four digit dollar quote for his 2 Sq cm  ‘Hindu’ advertisement. That businessman failed to understand an old wisdom that in the absence of community affiliated institutions,  Abrahamic institution will take undue advantage. Just like the way tourist Hindus many times have to pay an exorbitant price for a bottle of drinking water in Kashmir.

Most Hindu businessman are more proactive in giving donations and financial support to projects of ‘Bhakti Yoga’ (Devotional)  programs- Temple building, Yoga Centres, hosting community dinner meetings, but fails to support Karma Yoga (Action) projects that aims to empower Hindu voice worldwide. One reason for this behaviour is that most Hindu businessman lack foresight and vision proposed by Hindu intellectuals projects and are fearful of Karma Yoga projects.  Long time back, a Hindu nationalist friend from Delhi once reached a Hindu nationalist businessman for investment request in his media business plan, the Hindu nationalist businessman replied ” Oh, in quarter million dollars, why not build hundred schools, why to waste that much money in Hindu Media Voice” .Today post retirement that same businessman sends good – bad news relevant to Hindus via emails to friends and associate alongside his commentary. One can imagine the situation that even Hindu nationalist businessman have failed to take media business plans seriously let alone non – nationalist business houses.

There is one natural reason for this behaviour – a businessman invests ninety nine percent time in managing business activity and will not have that insight into the world of Hindu, Hinduism because it takes viewing hundreds of You Tube videos of Dr. Subramanium Swamy, books written by Rajiv Malhotra, etc., Blogs of Bharat Kalyan BlogSpot etc. and decades of e-mail reading and working with Hindu organization to get become an eligible intellectual working for Hindu empowerment. Whereas a Hindu intellectual spends ninety percent of his time and resources in research, analysis and document Hindu society requirements.

Secondly, many times Hindu businessman fails to appreciate and recognize the intellect and efforts of young Hindus who dare to implement programs (yes – operating a Hindu media house is no easy task, it’s a job of most fearless and courageous individuals for bringing up  Hindu human rights violations issues on board). Without the active support of Hindu businessman how can Hindu media intellectuals operate media houses. Either Hindu media intellectuals can research, analyse and design programs empowering Hindu cause or they need to  become businessman themselves. It’s impossible to simultaneous operate business and do intellectual activity in practical life. Because of such failed appreciation of Hindu businessman, Hindu society today stands at level zero in global media. They will spend five million dollars in lavish weddings,  receptions or donations to ‘Bhakti Yoga’ programs but will refrain from funding critical community empowerment ‘Karma Yoga’ projects . Building temples, Yoga centres and Surya Namaskaar classes is appreciative, but same proportions of fund should be invested in empowering Hindu community programs to counter bias, political & physical persecution and under representation at global scale. Mere ‘Bhakti Yoga’ programs are not going to help Hindus. Had ‘Bhakti Yoga’ been so powerful, Kashmir Hindus would never had been forced migrated or ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh would not have taken place. Hindu holy scripture very finely direct society businessman to fund ‘Karma Yoga’ programs when Dharma is endangered and Dharma is in a state of danger.

Today almost all Hindu organizations involved in ‘Karma Yoga’ projects are ever suffering from financial scarcity because of such pro donation attitude for ‘Bhakti Yoga’ programs and apathy for ‘Karma Yoga’ programs, as a result  during political persecution ‘Karma Yoga’ Hindu organizations  fail to protect and preserve Hindu lives and institutions.  When you see Christian, Muslim or Jewish way, you see heavy emphasis on ‘Karma Yoga’ programs with their community businessman proactively supporting ‘Karma Yoga’ programs like media, political and social empowerment and that’s today’s world media dominated by Christians, Muslims or Jewish communities. Decades ago in an African country, Hindu business houses were looted, daughters raped and were asked to leave the country in a forty eight hours notice, the absence of Hindu media and political organizations in that African country fuelled this persecution of Hindu businessman in Kenya.

Today one can see Hindu media houses such as WHN, Hindu Voice, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, Hinduism Today, India Facts. In my personal communications with many – most news portals are need funds for expansion. Above said media houses and others are operated by devout and fearless Hindus. They no doubt have intellectual capability and framework, but lack active support of Hindu business houses. Their major financial backbone is individuals from working class donors which is very appreciative.

Now a scenario where Hindu businessman did fund a major Hindu project – In early 1990′s  group of prominent Hindu intellectuals from USA developed Hindu Net – a platform for serving worldwide Hindu requirement. The businessman who funded this venture, post development of the platform he cleverly shunted out all three intellectuals out of project later appointed his ‘teenager’ daughter as president over senior and experienced Hindu intellectuals. The whole project failed and today the web portal stands in peril. That Hindu businessman failed to understand one simple lesson – Programs designed and developed by intellectuals can be run and operated under intellectual guidance only.  A software company do requires skilled engineers post Go Live of implementations. A sad case study of Hindu businessman not appreciating the efforts of Hindu intellectuals and taking them for granted.  I reconcile one case in Texas, where a Hindu businessman house even sued a prominent Boston based intellectual when he refused to resign and dilute his organization branch in Texas, why – because that Hindu businessman wanted his ‘teenager’ son to be the president and PhD level intellectuals to work under his ‘teenager’ son.

The reason here is that many Hindu businessman have become self declared Hindu intellectuals. They judge Hindu intellectual and activists potential from a monetary angle, they fails to recognize that merely having monetary success doesn’t make a person intellectual. Hindu system has a standard defined where intellectuals design, develop and implement programs and Hindu business funds it and activists operate that model. For example Hindu King MahaRana Pratab didn’t disclosed his war strategy  to his finance r Bhamashah when the later asked for it, MahaRana Pratab clearly directed him to pay money for his war and advised him to focus on business. Today in global Hindu landscape the emergence of ‘self proclaimed’ intellectual ship of  many Hindu Businessman has resulted into hibernation of many prominent Hindu intellectuals. The whole equation of Businessman, Intellectual & Activists has been corrupted. Hindu businessman are now intellectuals, intellectuals are workers and activists are now deployed to arrange tables, chairs and broom offices.  A valid examples to support above statement is recently a major Indian business house engaged in oil, telecom bought a prominent anti-Hindu media house and shunted biased Hindu ‘Husband -Wife’ duo editors out. Still you see that media house editorial position is intact and propagate bias for Hindus. Merely Hindu owning a media house won’t help, unless operated by editors who are devout Hindus.

Even today you see many patriotic Hindus screaming and complaining on Yahoo – Google Groups, individual e-mails about mainstream media houses and their ABCD anchors. But when you ask same ‘concerned’ Hindus to support existing Hindu media portals, they don’t reply with assurance for financial support.  In short when it  comes to suggestion and complaining ‘concerned’ Hindus score No.1 , but when you present solutions to such problems and ask for funds, 97% go missing. Many Hindus fails to recognize that there is no Big Bang Hindu media powerhouses ‘Avatar’ that are going to drop from sky, today’s small scale devout media houses are tomorrows future.  A good past friend from Dallas, Texas always used to say ” See .. I want to fund Hindu programs, but once I become a millionaire”  – it has been a decade, still that guy is working for millionaire dream”.  Should Hindu society empowerment onus be placed on shoulders of such ‘millionaire dreamers’.

Many political leaders from Indian mainstream nationalist party also don’t have guts to alternate media houses, at one of the major Hindu media conference in Delhi, a young woman belonging to Indian mainstream nationalist party told me “see if you develop alternate media house, mainstream media will destroy you political career”, the person was more concerned for her political career than empowering alternate Hindu media and ideological incoherence. One can never confront evil not with a fearful mind, if one is so much scared from mainstream media, she should resign from nationalist politics and join ‘pseudo-secular’ politics whom mainstream media teats as beloved son in law.

Another Hindu writer from Mumbai told me once in an in person meeting that once when he tried presenting a proposal to a minister (for whom he worked hard before elections in giving media services) on a potent media business  plan, the minister (post election victory) didn’t take that seriously nor provided any political support. Thus again aspirant Hindu media intellectuals are taken for granted by political personalities and goes into hibernation. Creativity and courage is demoralized.

It’s not that Hindus lack intellectual , skills – knowhow and courage to run media houses at local, regional, national and global levels for Hindu community media requirement. Hindus lack courageous and mature business houses and well financed Hindus to fund their program. Hindu businessman should exhibit more appreciation and should fund Devout Hindu media houses generously and appreciate the efforts of those few fearless and courageous individuals / institutions who fight for Hindu cause in a landscape overpowered by Abrahamic groups. It’s the moral responsibility of Hindu business house to support, fund ‘Karma Yoga’ programs as directed in Hindu holy text Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

Unless Hindu business man appreciate and support  ‘Karma Yoga’ program and enable free hand operation of Hindu media portals by Hindu intellectuals – Hindus will ever beg in mercy to media institutions of Abrahamic groups. They will keep screaming and complaining on Google/Yahoo groups, social media and personal emails about ‘mental harassment’ they receive about their faith, culture, organization and leadership from mainstream media. Even Hindu gods are so appreciative of the ‘news & media’ services provided by Lord ‘Narada’ whom one can see chanting ‘Narayan – Narayan’ and updating all cosmic forces on designs of ‘Devatas’ (Gods) , ‘Manushaya’ (Humans) and ‘Asuras’ (Devils). Lord ‘Narada’ ‘news & media’ services were critical in the victory of good over evil in Hindu sacred epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. 

  “O Hindus – Please don’t scream, don’t complain, don’t question mainstream media, as Thou is a deaf devil;  fund small scale devout Hindu media outlets as Thou represents your voice buddy” –  Rahul Chandra

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