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                                                                                  Bedi Hangout Creates a Splash!
Overseas Volunteers for a Better India (OVBI), a U.S. based organization that is part of the bigger Volunteer for a Better India (VBI) campaign hosted a Google Hangout with Dr. Kiran Bedi on October 19 to discuss the role of NRIs in the upcoming 2014 General Elections and collaborate with overseas volunteers in VBI’s
 mission of cleaning up the corruption and criminalization in Indian politics. 
The Google Hangout was attended by over 10,000 enthusiastic NRIs from across the globe including over 25 cities in the U.S. and the U.K. who attended the event via the Internet and radio channels. Dr. Bedi had an engaging dialogue and offered several ways to liaison with NRIs for various voter awareness initiatives.
She emphasized the following programs-
Young volunteers can go from door-to-door and take responsibility of the people in remote villages and neighborhoods, and help them in completing the paperwork for voter ID registration.
A voter helpline with a toll free number to be made available to Indians from any part of the world, dedicated to answer questions, preferably in multiple languages, regarding the voter registration process.
Initiate a media campaign to educate the masses on the democratic process and encourage them to vote for a clean and stable India in 2014.
National Update: VBI Pune
The Pune team of the Volunteer for a Better India (VBI) group, worked tirelessly over the past couple of months on voter registration efforts.
Chasing the official Oct 25th 2013 deadline, the team worked tirelessly getting over 21000 voters registered. Volunteers also created a database of all the new
 voters, and jump started the process for new voter ID cards. Kudos to team Pune!
10-20-10 CAMPAIGN
Many Indians overseas are passionate about building an India of their dreams. Once in every five years, the grand Indian juggernaut goes through a massive exercise in adult franchise. With around 700 million eligible voters, India is world’s largest democracy.
However, much of the electorate choose not to exercise their right. One analysis shows, around 100 million bogus votes are likely to be cast in the 2014 elections. The apathy of the middle class adds to the woes of the electorate leading to less than 50% participation in many states.
Some months ago Volunteer for a Better India (VBI) launched a campaign to garner voter registrations & spread awareness. To this effect, their overseas wing OVBI has come up with the 10-20-10 mantra.
Tapping into the power of the collective community this campaign urges every overseas citizen to talk to at least 10 people locally, 20 friends and family in India and do it within the 10 days.
Speaking about 10-20-10, Satej Chaudhary, a board member of OVBI remarked that “your simple phone call can help make a difference to India in 2014”
Make your voice count (literally). Join now!
Local Updates
  • OVBI team got tremendous response from the Stanford Hackathon challenge based on use of technology to make an impact in the 2014 elections. In a pipeline apps for voter registration!
  •  OVBI launched their twitter account. Follow them on twitter @OverseasVBI
  •  OVBI is organizing a fundraiser Diwali Event in Jersey City. An evening to celebrate with dance, music and festivities. The funds support voter registration/awareness drives in India.
  •  Hundred’s participated in the Dandiya night in New Jersey, an OVBI initiative. The participants pledged to call atleast 20 of their family members in India on voter registrations.
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